15 days of power levelling (wtf)

You heard it correctly…I am in the process of power levelling all characters to 72, one by one. I know this is crazy telling the forum this and I know I’m going to regret it before the 15 days are up…but over the years I’ve had help from so many gamers, I thought I would give out this invitation.

Few rules I would like to stick to:

Send me a PS4 FR to: Sun_Tsunami
It will be “First Come, First Serve.”
One Toon Per Gamer ( No Exceptions)

OK? I will add any new rules as they will be needed (hopefully not)

I’m usually on every night by 10:30 EST. You may catch me on earlier.

Here we go…:fearful::


We need people like you on xbox

hey can you do me a toon please im on now

10 More days! If you are interested, send me a FR, I will add you and you can join me whenever I’m on.

By the way, i’m using Pete’s Bar for the levelling.