15 Items Every Player Should Get ASAP

Which is why 7 of the 15 are not legendary. Because I’m only trying to help people curious about legs.

The entire point is that I’m singling out gear that people will find incredibly useful and that they should try and get as quickly as possible because it is so useful. In fact, if I was going to include a “beginner’s gear pack” on the marketplace (70 platinum, probably), I would put 1-2 of the legendaries (randomly chosen, with random stats) and all 7 of the non-legendary items in it because they’re just so useful and ubiquitous for all modes of play.

My problem is with the ASAP. There’s currently so little information for new players and I believe that saying you need to get and activate legendaries ASAP without mentioning how helpful the “cheap” gear is in the beginning, is not helpful.

It’s what drew me to Ambra, that’s for sure.


There is a huge difference between “get” and “get and activate”. I highly recommend you learn it because you seem to have a problem purely based upon something that I have never said that you seem to be operating under the assumption of.

These are items that are so powerful and ubiquitous that pretty much every guide you read is going to mention at least half of them and are the fundamental underpinnings of many effective loadouts.

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I highly recommend that you learn that just because something is in a guide somewhere, that does not make it useful for everyone.

The great thing about video games is that we each get to play the way we want to play. You’re successful with your style and I an successful with mine.

My list of “worthless legendaries” includes…

Attack Speed

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Because standing still is how you die. If you want attack speed and shield, just take the LLC epic attack speed item: it’s cheaper and doesn’t encourage you to stand still and get yourself killed.

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The only characters that can benefit from the legendary effect are Benedict, who doesn’t get much use out of attack speed because of his crippling reload speed, and Kleese, who is a skill damage character. It ends up just being a super expensive version of the Eldrid epic sword.

Buildable Cost

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Absolutely horrible because it’s only useful in ops, none of which actually have buildables being anywhere near useful. Maybe if you could build turrets in boss rooms or something, but the design of the ops makes this facepalmingly bad.

The rest of the buildable cost legendaries are bad because the primary stat is so laughable and they’re so specific to buildables, which aren’t really particularly fearsome (and, if an ally upgades it, I believe the bonus fades). They’re also extremely PvP centric, since PvE doesn’t give you enough chances or shards to really push buildables hard (while also allowing you to afford legendaries), while being legendaries that focus on economic advantage (they cost 1800 shards and are designed to save you shards) and therefore basically worthless in PvP.

CC Duration

All of these suck because you’re paying a huge amount for a worthless primary, a crappy secondary, and a legendary effect that is too conditional to be even remotely useful.

Cooldown Time

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A crappy to mediocre secondary stat combined with a legendary effect that isn’t particularly powerful but does encourage you to spam your skills even when it’s not optimal.

I was thinking about including Chrono Key because it’s just so bad (heal power secondary with a legendary effect that encourages you to deal damage works at cross purposes) but elected not to because it’s not worthless, just poorly designed.

Critical Damage

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The legendary effect is basically a joke. If you hit someone, unless they stacked a bunch of shield recharge gear, they’ll have to wait 5 seconds for their shield to start recharging. If you crit them, bringing it up to 8 doesn’t really do anything. I’m also reasonably confident that instant-recharge helices and shield healing (via Kleese or Reyna) ignore this completely. It’s a legendary effect that’s basically useless so you’re just paying an arm and a leg for a piece of epic gear.

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A crappy secondary stat and a legendary effect killed by crippling overspecialization: only usable by rogues, only affecting rogues, once every 15 seconds, and only on a crit (which means that they can’t have shields).

Damage Reduction

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Shield recharge as a secondary stat is so bad that it borders on useless. The legendary effect seems like it would be good but you’re having to pay the huge up front cost to activate a legendary and then only getting 5% of damage taken (after taking an item to reduce your damage taken) as shards: this means that you’d need to take 15000 damage to offset the increased cost compared to an epic DR piece, which is going to take a good long while.

Heal Power

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So laughably bad for the character it’s intended to be used on that it hurts. Heal Power doesn’t affect his drones and only affects his ult (and a single helix choice) so the legendary effect, which is triggered by his ult, is crippled by the weird implementation of the character. If he were implemented “normally”, this would make sense. But, in practice, it’s so bad it’s worthless.

Healing Received

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The secondary stat is bad-to-mediocre and the legendary effect is conditional upon you being subject to a CC effect and then being healed by an outside source (since regen and lifesteal don’t count as “healing”). The really crippling cooldowns only last a second or two (stun, bind) so you basically need to be under constant supervision to see any real benefit (especially since, with a 30 sec internal cooldown, if you waste it on removing a slow, you just prevented yourself from getting out of that stun).

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It’s a lore legendary so the stats take a hit but the legendary effect just sucks. Boldur’s shield is absolutely massive so it doesn’t really break that often (most people don’t bother attacking it at all because it heals him when he has his ult active) and only increasing damage for 4 seconds barely allows Boldur to get in close and get 1-2 attacks in.

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A good secondary stat but the legendary effect only provides a small amount of increased move speed and only upon being healed (and only for a short period of time), which means that you’re going to run out of range of your healer if you’re moving at full speed.

Health Regen

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This is on the list as “worthless” mostly because it competes with Oath of the Sustained. SoV is range limited (a very short range too) while OotS covers an absolutely massive area. OotS also has a more generally useful stat (attack damage) rather than healing received. All it takes is 250 DPS (which is pretty trivial once you’ve gotten late enough to start activating legendaries) to equal the same contributions as SoV.

Max HP

I don’t include Premium Health Plan because I don’t see it as being “worthless” so much as “just not worth the activation cost”. If you really want to crank up your shield regen (such as on Phoebe or anyone else with on demand shield recharge), it can be useful as long as you’re also keeping your hp full.

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This gets some points for being the only way I know of to get regen and max hp on the same piece of gear but the fact that it reduces damage dealt and damage received makes the legendary effect worthless in my mind (especially since 25% reduction is more significant than a 25% increase; 1/.75 = 133.33% but 1.25/1 = 1.25).

Max Shield

I don’t actually think Co-opetition Inducer is useless because it does actually allow you to double the max shield contributions. It’s hyperspecific like all of the faction legendaries, but not enough to outright cripple it into worthlessness.

Move Speed

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The legendary effect is bass-ackwards. The item gives you increased healing and increased movement speed and then gives you increased move speed while you’re being healed? So the primary/secondary stats are both for a healer while the legendary effect is for someone who is being healed? Makes no sense to me.

Recoil Reduction

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Anything that gives you a benefit “while your shield is recharging” is worthless. The actual time frame where your shield is recharging is tiny and extremely limited: you have to avoid taking damage (because it will stop your shield charging), you have to wait for a period of time after taking damage to get the benefit, and it will only last until your shield is charged (by default, that’s 5 seconds because max shield defaults to 300 and recharge defaults to 60). If you have any allies that can heal your shield (Kleese, Reyna), it just makes it worse.

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This may mostly be on me, but, whenever I’m using an “alternate aiming mode” (e.g. using the alt-fire aim option many characters have), I already eliminate all or most recoil manually. Reducing it further is just redundant. The only time I really need recoil is when I’m not using a scope or aiming down the iron sights.

Reload Speed

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On first glance, this looks awesome: you get attack speed on a piece of reload gear (which can’t be done except through legendaries) but it’s a lore legendary, which gives it junk stats, and the legendary effect is triggered by Mellka’s melee attacks which you do not want to do. Mellka’s melee is low damage and exposes her to way too much risk of death.

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The secondary stat is total junk and how often do you really end up reloading while sprinting?

Bonus Shards

All of these except for Quartermastery Bin are worthless, in my mind. Compared to a free shard gen, you end up paying double because you have to wait until you get 1800 shards before being able to start generating shards and then you have to dump 1800 shards on the legendary. You’re basically rendering the entire primarily stat null. Q-mastery Bin only avoids being worthless because, in PvP, you can use it to give shards to your entire team and dominate economically (especially if you play saboteur and steal your opponents’ shards).

Shield Recharge

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A low value primary stat, a low value secondary stat, and a legendary effect that penalizes you (and can actually kill you) when you miss. You’re better off just taking a skill damage legendary since you’ll do similar damage without the risk of hurting yourself (and, if you take Bola’s, it’ll also come with awesomely useful secondary stats!)

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A high activation cost item that reduces the cost of buildables by a small amount isn’t really a game changer, especially when you’re paying so much extra for a highly conditional legendary effect: the only time you’re ever “affected by buildables” is (in PvP) when you’re standing near an accelerator or allied supply station, or (in PvE) standing still with a repair drone.

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Crippling restrictions on the legendary effect strike again: it only applies if you’re LLC, you’ve got LLC allies, and only provides them with a benefit for the handful of seconds while their shields are recharging (and, if their shields didn’t start charging while yours was charging, they’re SOL).

Shield Penetation

Shield Penetration is a gimmick stat that’s worthless in PvE and mostly worthless in PvP. Still, a couple of the legendaries are good. The others are worthless.

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This is worthless because it’s competing with the much more powerful Bunker Buster. The legendary effect is limited only to melee attacks but provides less than half of what Bunker Buster provides to all sources of damage. The only redeeming factor is the bit of regen on it, but, if you’re interested in shield regen, there are way better ways to do it (i.e. Bunker Buster with an injector).

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Like the Hostile Takeover, but worse: the primary stat makes it harder to break the target’s shield, the secondary stat is terrible, and you have to break their shields in order to score crits on the target in order to trigger the legendary effect, which itself only provides a slight advantage over hitting the target at all.

Shield Regeneration

None of these are really good, but none of them are totally worthless.

Sprint Speed

Same as Shield Regeneration: none of them are really good, but none of them are totally worthless.

Actually, a little bit is still peeking out haha

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I swear I have had to edit this comment so many times it isn’t even funny.


I went through a similar thing with my Ambra guide when I was figuring out what the hell was going wrong with it. Formatting is… an adventure.


Cool now I have something new to do.

Time to figure out how to make some of these “worthless legendaries” viable.

And @blainebrossart1
Edits apparently don’t always count if they’re back to back. So I kept my own count. My Thrall Rebellion thread has had a grand total of 129 edits. I now have presets saved to save me. That was a beast to work through. I’m glad the forums are at least pretty user friendly, except for these helpful-but-actually-cruel little things

You only have until the winter update, so good luck!


Yay for daily quests!

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Excellent list, there’s a couple of Purples that I find quite useful for PvE. As someone who also queue’s with randoms, I tend to take a zero shard generator and two purples (or the blue health regen item you mention for a lot of levels, just because I don’t trust newbies to get buildables, so I just get up two fairly useful pieces of gear and can build, with the buildables outweighing the advantages of my third piece of gear or any legendary effects from a more expensive loadout. I tend to only take 3 legendaries on the Raid missions with randoms (Algorithm, Sentinel, Heliophage).

For the purples, I like the Rejuvenating Stalker Rounds, reload gear with the secondary of health regen (the purple version of the Vyn’s Quiver), the Eviscerating Endoskeletal graft, attack damage and attack speed (purple version of the VoV), the Enraging Artificial Vitae, health regen with attack damage secondary (the purple version of the oath of the sustained, especially because the leg effect isn’t really worth the extra shards)

I tend to go with two of those three depending on the reload speed needs of the character. For Void’s Edge, the shard generator is less necessary, but with randoms, you need to have enough shards to build the shield right at the very start after Nix and right before the Wolf Unit reaches the last spawn, especially on advanced.

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So many legendaries that I didn’t even know existed. I don’t play pve so the only legendaries I got are from packs. I don’t even use legendaries anymore in any of my characters. I find them to be a waste of shards. I like to run white, green and blue gears. On very rare times I would insert a purple in there but that’s the highest I go for Incursion pvp. It’s sad to see a teammate or enemy running 2-3 legendaries. That’s way too many shards spent on gears instead of better using them for buildables/fat bot.

Edit: I see my favorite gear for all my melee characters is on the list.

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^Often I build so much stuff that I don’t equip a single piece of gear. Really the only ones I actively go for are AS on Alani and Reload on characters with slow reloads. ¨

Hurts me to see people running 2-3 legendaries, esp on my team. I don’t get to activate any of my gear because ya’ll hog all the shards for your stupidly expensive loadouts and don’t build squat :joy:


…Kit won’t admit it but if you play together you will see a loot ninja in action, grabbing everything.
Then in the forums saying: You don’t need shard regen, there’s plenty of shards.
Yeah, plenty for that loot ninja. :wink:

You seem to understand this game very well. Perhaps you are just the person to put together a guide for new players. The simple things we’ve all learned while we’ve played. Like
don’t rush in to get a kill, xp is team-based and it’s better to stay alive
never ignore shards
building is often more helpful than activating gear
if you die, wait to see if someone will revive you

I’m sure you have other recommendations and I think a guide like this would help new players get into the game and enjoy themselves.

I used to do the same because I felt bad running legendaries and epics against pugs but I’ve been getting ran over by so many of the good players here running full legendaries/ epics. While one player on their team runs a shard generator/wrench, or some combination like that, the rest of the team is free to stack stats on stats.

The legendaries are almost required now in pvp

I have never found the rarity of the gear to play much of an impact in Incursion Pvp. It’s also very rare to see a high skilled player running multiple legendaries in a pug team. They understand the importance of the use of shards for buildables. That usage of shards helps the team a whole lot more than saving them for expensive loadouts.

In a premade team, there might be a coordination of who is responsible for building and who’s activating multiple legendaries for the better of the team. For example back when I ran under my 5 man premade team, 2 of us were in charge of building (so we ran 0 cost white gears) while the others spent shards only on legendary gears for the best of the team. In a pug group, you won’t find such communication.

Maybe not 3 legendaries but almost everytime I come up against high level teams they are running at least 2 epics and a legendary depending on what battleborn is being used.

I’m all for legendaries in tournaments but there is a reason they are banned.

Ever tried to kill a Mellka with a legendary dr, epic health regen, epic max health? Green’s/blues won’t cut it.