150% grenade anointment

Does the 150% grenade damage anointment affect Mindsweeper grenades while piloting Iron Bear?

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This is genius…

One second while I test!!

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That’s gonna be a no on this sadly.


That makes me sad. But I’m not surprised since most annoints don’t work with Moze.

Hopefully they fix that, it is unfair that we’re the only ones that can’t use the anoints


There’s absolutely no reason why it shouldn’t either. Disappointing.

Imagine if they made it work with IB and Auto Bear both. Then you just hop in the newly buffed Dakka Bear, Unforgiven equipped with the 300 above 90 anoint and…

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There’s so many things in this game that should work but don’t.


Yeah as much as I like many of the new annoints; this isn’t one of them. Mainly because the one character I would care to use it with is also the only character that can’t make use of it in the first place.

Also, the fact that the Fish Slap grenade seems to come with it 90% of the time despite the fact that the biggest melee character would most likely be using an action skill with no duration for a melee build.

Haven’t tested if the anointment works, but Mind Sweeper isn’t that great with Iron Bear because you don’t have PtHP!

I dunno if it’s common knowledge on the forums yet, but at least grenades benefit from the 150% radiation anoint, right?

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Why wouldn’t you have PTHP? It works on Mindsweeper grenades, including those procced by Iron Bear.