16:10 aspect ratio UI crop

Hi, I bought the game on Steam and have a problem with the map menu with the 16:10 aspect ratio.
The sides are “croped”. It also displace the cursor displayed when you put your pointer above a map marker (it is placed where the marker should be)
The same goes with messages at the bottom right like when someone initiate a fast travel or map transition. The safe area is rightly set, setting it smaller doesn’t help.
The only fix I have found is to play in 16:9, but of course the display is then streched to fit the screen (except in windowed mode of course, but in that case I have to play in a lower resolution to be able to see the whol game display…)
My native resolution is 1920 by 1200
How to fix that?

Is this the best place to get help or is there somewhere else I should ask?

I would actually file a ticket for gearbox for this. That is because it sounds like you have bug, or they did not implement that resolution correctly. Just most smaller monitors are 1920 x 1080.

OK, I did. Thanks