16 revealed characters kinda, and none that I want to play

Hi all. They all look fun, but none of the characters “speak” to me so far. Anyone else still hoping for a different kind of character? Maybe a pet class. Hoping since Gaige is my main in Borderlands. :slight_smile:

I honestly felt that way about the characters in both BL1 and BL2. I just tried all of them for a little bit until I found the ones I enjoyed playing.

I loved many of the chars they revealed so far, but I´m sure there are still some badass treasures they keep secret until the release. More exciting this way^^


Marquis is kind of pet-classy (pun intended? We may never know)
He has his robotic pet owl Hoodini.


Lol True about marquise. Hoping for what Thorn had in the game informer.a tiger i think it was…

Hopping for a crazy doctor character. One that heals teammates and hurts the other team with debuff syringes. With a pet Monkey :slight_smile:

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To add something regarding the pet character:

I think more complex pet-chars/skills are veeeery hard to balance out, I´m not so sure we´ll see something like Gaige. To be honest, Marquis cute Houdini is already more than I expected! I was really happy they added a steampunk version of Bloodwing:D

So my guess is: They had tons of cool characters with pets, but most of this designs failed through impossible balancing. Pets are either useless or overpowered and as far I experienced it pet-classes always need alot of pre-release balancing, buffs, nerfs the whole drama…

But: I´m eager and excited what comes upon us next! Maybe they will surprise us^^

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Yes. I’m still holding out for my Demoman Battleborn.

But if it doesn’t happen, I still have Montana as a backup. Helps to have a backup.

Why a monkey :joy:

I getcha. Feel similar. Would love a class with a pet cat of some sort.


Yeah, I can only guess how hard it is to balance pet classes. Witch Doctor from Diablo 3 comes to mind. I like Houdini, but I tend to not like sniper characters. But watch he will end up being my favorite one. lol

The doctor could have been experimenting on the monkey to figure out how to stop the minions. Something goes wrong, cause something always goes wrong, and now the monkey is bound to the doctor trying to kill anything it can.

Plus if any of you are young enough to have played Timesplitters, Monkeys could be terrifying. :smile:
I think I have problems. :laughing:

Ambra seems to be my favourite character so far. I would like a stealth character that’s a Ninja, kinda like Ryu hayabusa, Using blades shurikens an Ninpo magic ect.

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Why NOT a monkey? Monkeys are amazing. :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil: :monkey:

Because monkeys + guns = fun


A ninja character you described SaiyanX would be cool. Lets hope the other revealed characters are sweet. They most likely are. :slight_smile: How about a monkey doctor with a human pet? That could be fun. Not sure how that would work. A human as the pet in the pet class. :laughing:

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Never realized it till now, but I’d like to see some sort of elemental magic caster in game, whose attacks change based on what he’s attuned to. And not the usual ice, fire, lightning magic, but space magic. Like Dark Matter, Gravity, and Radiation or something.

With 3 of the 4 ability slots just changing the character’s affinity so their attacks change how they inflict damage and how the ultimate can affect the battlefield.

Yes I’m tired again, and I realize I’m just rambling.


My problem is the opposite; too many choices that appeal to me! :smile:

But I’ll take this game the same way I do every game with multiple classes, which is start somewhere and give each a try until I find something I want to hang with for a longer time. Sometimes I guess right, like with Salvador, and start with the class I end up liking best, and sometimes it is a later class, like Lilith in BL1, the Necromancer in EQII, or the Warlock in WoW.

I don’t think pet classes are necessarily harder to balance in general, I think it’s the AI that’s really hard to get right. As an example Gaige’s Deathtrap is fun but his AI is, well, problematic under certain conditions. But DT isn’t what causes many people call Gaige “OP”, it’s other abilities that have nothing to do with him.

I’d like to see a real pet class in Battleborn, they are generally my favorite types to play, but I would also want a pet control bar to go with it. Like being able to tell it to attack a specific target, or stop attacking, and having interesting and useful abilities I could command the pet to use. Gaige is one of my favorite BL2 character-classes and I like DT but he isn’t very satisfying to me. :dukegum:

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Dont hold your breath for a pet class like Gaige or Axton. As it’s been said, pets are either completely OP or useless. They work in BL2 because its all co-op PvE, but Battleborn has competitive PvP too. You cant have a set-it-and-forget-it character in PvP.

Some of you might be tempted to bring up the TF2 engi at this point, and that would be the antithesis to the argument; a character that needs to babysit their pet would be useless in PvE. The TF2 engi is balanced because it takes time and resources to set up your defense, and there are counter classes (spy, demoman) that keep the engi in line. But imagine the engi in a PvE scenario. By the time your turret is set up, the enemies are dead and your team is moving onto the next objective.

So a character that deploys their pet at full strength (Gaige) is overpowered for PvP, and a character that needs to babysit their pet (Engineer) is useless in PvE. A Battleborn character needs to be both.


I don’t know if I would want a normal pet class either, mainly since I’ve never really been drawn regular pet classes. But I wouldn’t mind a team/combo character, I’m something along the lines of ferra/torr from the new mortal kombat. The ferra/torr combo didn’t really give you the advantage of having two characters to fight with since ferra acted more like an extension of torr, sort of like she was a weird, living sword he swung around and could run back to torr if she was thrown. Even though it was two different characters, they acted as one entity. The only real advantage was that the style of movement was soo different to any other character which could surprise you if you weren’t paying attention.

What they need to add is a Eldrid character that can shapeshift into an animal now that would be cool and would fit …because they are people who protect and live in nature!