17 loses in a row what we do wrong? This is not fun anymore!

So, we are two people and we are working great together but all matches now in skilled mode are loses for us, our team didnt even come out of our field.

We can barely hold the minion waves and then comes the time where the enemy team over runs us and take the first sentry down. Every single game we lose, we have no more ideas. I dont know if it is us but in the scoreboard we are always one of the best.

We are just before quiting this game cause its no fun for us anymore but maybe you guys have an idea…


@TatzyXY, I am sorry. Many people have expressed this same problem.

Can you describe the nature of the games, PVP Casual or Competitve. Are you playing against premade teams? What maps, modes, etc. That kind of information can be helpful in diagnosing the problem.

I have noticed since this last change I am getting more losses than wins, I mostly solo it and play competitive. I however still have fun though. And I have also noticed that most losses are due to either surrenders (most premature IMO) or people just quitting. I’m assuming that this will level out soon though with how the ELO works. I have also had a lot more close matches, good ones, which I enjoy a lot, even if it ends in a loss. I’m sticking this game out for the long haul though. I see so much potential in this game, and look forward to more changes.


If teammates are dropping or not playing the objective, it can make things rough all around. What gamemodes are you two mainly playing? I can give more specific tips with more specific information given.

One thing that I suggest everyone do is change their map to the flat map. It makes things so much easier to keep track of then the rotating map the game starts you out with.

PVP, Competive mode. Only Incursion on Overgrowth.

Seems so, its everytime japanese ppl.

I would recommend starting with an iron clad foundation for any team. Take the healer and tank roles, and master them. I’d recommend either ISIC or Montana for the Tank, and Miko, Alani or Kleese for the heals. All five are versatile characters who can stuff the early shots of the enemy team. A terrible tactic I’m seeing, is that a lot of people are picking small fast DPS, thinking that they can overwhelm or swarm an enemy team with too much DPS to counter. And as long as they have no tank or heals, it might work. :slight_smile:

To be clear, this isn’t an issue of skill level, but encouragement. A lot of lightweight DPS players, will CONSTANTLY hide, waiting for someone else to over-extend and draw out the enemy to pounce on a kill. Again, it can work, but it generally results in at best a wash(they get a kill, your team gets a kill) or they come out ahead(they get one kill and escape, or they get one kill, and then kill the pouncer for a second) But a solid tank that can stay out there and draw out the enemy, and a healer that can keep the tank up, can draw out a fight long enough for the pouncer to make the kill, and the tank and healer to get assists, which helps immensely. With that tank able to stuff those early shots, the DPS will roam a little more, and be in better positions for ganks, instead of trying to stay out of sight or out of shot-line.

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If minions are a problem then you might want to take waveclear characters (oscar mike, thorn, orendi, …) and focus on that.

A lot of newer people seem to be focusing on kills, and while those are important since it makes pushing easier, you basically don’t ever need to get a kill in order to win an incursion game.

Look at what people in your team are selecting and select based on that. Galilea & miko are a great 2 man comp and can force people out of lane/get kills easily but they will be more difficult to push with.

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not to be rude, but if you and another person are going into these games as a 2 man team, maybe the simple answer is get better… You mention having issues with wave clearing… many characters can clear a wave by themselves… If you can’t do so… pick a character that can.

You can never change your team mates but 17 losses in a row, that seems to be quite clear that it’s you and your friend who are the issue rather than the teammates… Unless you played the same enemy team 17 times in a row…

I’m probably average, and lose a little more than I win, sometimes it’s my teammates, somes time’s I get grossly outplayed.

Again I wasn’t trying to be offensive or rude, just making the suggestion that you and your friend should try to improve… Watch some videos, learn one or two characters get a guild build for them… play some PVE…

One thing I have noticed is that the ELO system seems to form up your team, then start the search for another team to go against. I think (though I have no evidence, so take this with a grain or two of salt) that as time goes on the game loosens what would be acceptable for the opposing teams ELO. This leads to a lot of lopsided battles, where one group is just leaps and bounds above the other. It could be that you just keep hitting higher ELO teams, and the more losses that you get, the more likely that is to keep happening.

That said, casual matchmaking doesn’t take ELO into account at all. Odd as it may sound, I have been running into more balanced matches through that queue.

We are already everytime the best two! At least if we judge from the scoreboard.

Its not only like that its like that I am the only one who does this! But I cant take care of everything you know what I mean?

I dont thinks so but maybe I dont know! I figured out when I play medic I can carry a bit of my team but still at the end we lose. Sometimes someone quits out than we are four against five, sometimes someone just stands in the base, sometimes someone tries to fight against the big minions but he rather should clean the minion waves. I just get teammates who dont know anything about how to play and this makes me very angry cause I lose every game.

Before this new ■■■■■■ matchmaking my ration in incursion was 150 wins, 50 loses! This was good, little bit too good but it was fun. But now as the title said last 17 matches everytime a lost. At least some close games happened but yeah after so much loses its time for just a win…

We have a lot of experience but if the rest of the team sucks you cant do anything. Even if I go out with 14 Kils and only 2 deaths, we lose at the moment…

But I cant vote for incursion overgrwoth in that mode, so we dont play it :wink:

If you can’t record a match can you show us screen shots of the scoreboard after the match, and not just the first part with the kills, but take shots all the way over.

This might give us hints to what is wrong.

I’ve noticed no change in my win/loss ratio.

What I can say is that at least 50% of the people who play each PVP game win. I know that might be obvious, but what it does mean is that in a MP game, if you are constantly losing, the other team is simply doing something you’re not.

You could have been getting really unlucky, and the loss is because of your teammates, but with 17 in a row, I’m inclined to think that it could be you. I’m not trying to be mean, just realistic.

First thing I would say, is don’t look at the score. The score is in no way an indication of who is winning. That looks at kills and nothing else, and kills don’t have anything to do with the objectives. Like others say, maybe post some screenshots of the score card so we can see other things, like minions cleared, to get a better idea of where things are going wrong.

Try different modes like meltdown? Incursion can snowball easily, and I find meltdown to be the most balanced of the current pvp modes.

This. So much this.

And you can play Incursion on casual, trust me. I much prefer Meltdown and have only gotten to play one match of it since the changes to matchmaking hit. Apparently the general populace seems to like Incursion. Also, if you and your friend vote, there are two right there already.

I cant tell if your message is negative or positive, but i am a excellent player at all modes in the game, yes even pve even though it seems not as many like it, was just trying to give OP some input on different modes since OP only mentioned incursion and not the other modes.

Sounds like you guys have team comp issues.

Worse part yet, even in a premade you can struggle bus a game if you pick like a donkey. This usually comes from people having a tiny hero pool.

Like not picking a pusher, or going 3 melee, or not drafting cc. You know all the usual stuff. Or the time you pick Atti into a anti heal Galilea and feed 0-6 the first part of the game but come back to maul them and go 8-6 and win. Dats an exception though.

You just gotta focus on what needs to be done instead of what you want to be done.

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Positive, sorry for the confusion. I sort of feel like a lot of newer/less experienced players tend to go for Incursion a lot of the time. The snowballing seems to hit them hard and they get upset about balance and team stomping where if they were playing a different mode they might have been able to win. I’m not sure why people dislike Meltdown so much, though I guess if you get teamed with enough people who just go for player kills that could be frustrating as well.

This exactly describes my experience with competitive/skill based matchmaking PVP since the recent changes as well. My feelings on it are also the same, in that I have still been having fun playing despite hardly ever being on the winning team and often being on the team that gets repeatedly steamrolled. I would love to see true skill based matchmaking, and I don’t really like playing incursion 75-90% of the time, so I would love to see a return to when we had a choice as far as which mode we would be playing. I truly love this game and am definitely looking forward to future improvements :slight_smile: