198Guardian Rank to 789Rank in ome GAME

There are a lot of hackers in the proving grounds…giving players unlimited XP basically and unlimited legendary drops!! so proving grounds is pretty much ruined for me…

??? There is no such things as hackers on console, so you must be playing on PC. If yous on a console, then that can’t happen that i know of

PC bro

Thats what i thought. Thats why there are certain games i do not play on Steam or Epic

How could you hack XP for everyone?! :open_mouth:
Couldn’t it be just a bug hey?

I am only about 140, long way to 789 :slight_smile: :open_mouth:

On a side note I haven’t tried multiplayer match making yet… but now that I can solo Slaughtershaft Mayhem 3 almost easily, might give it a go! :slight_smile:

Can’t quick kill Graveward yet though :frowning:

It can happen on console. You put your save file on a USB, put in on your computer, modify it, then bring it back.

console these days is a over used old term imo should not be used, since they are now in a way PCs you hook up to a TV/monitors. modern console machines, access internet, twitch, etc etc, able to download and upload.

there are trainers, modders for console, not available for PC. they even have a way to take PC saves and put them on PS4 and vice versa. now sure if Xbox, most the streamers i have seen using consoles are PS4, but that is on twitch, i do not use mixer, maybe most xbox streamers are there?

search…borderlands 3 ps4 trainer, totally mods game, Xbox too