1life Community Challenge for Charity

For anyone interested there is a Twitch Event for Borderlands 2 directory, presented by JoJoThePyro, its is benefitting the Child’s Play Charity. It starts on April 1rst and ends on April 30th. For more info on that go to http://www.jojothepyro.com/onelifechallenge/ for more info and signups. This is our 4th integration of the original 1life2live event from Bahroo and Gothalion. In the past we have awarded the winner with picking the particular charity all the money raised went to although this time around the top 3 finishers are recieving game codes on the challenges end. There is also a discord server for anyone particpating or just for general discussion and also any questions anyone might have here https://discordapp.com/invite/RZX6kkK and on twitter on twitter.com/1lifechalleng hope to see some of you there!!!


Justin. I just looked at the details and this is kinda alarming:

The challenge will be done from 12:00 am EST April 1st 2017 till 11:59 pm EST April 30st 2017.

30days to get a character leveled up? That’s weird for a streaming event. And there is no such date as a 30st

Please clarify.

Whoops 30st lol my bad guess that does look a little silly, but yea man about 70+ streamers are all participating and it’s for sure possible to level a character in that time. As I’ve said it’s the 4th go round for our version of the challenge you should tune in man. It’s all about the charity

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Looking forward to this!

Here’s hoping your thread is successful, personally i’d pay just to enter this event!


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I’d like to add to my last post that this event is completely FREE to enter, and open to anyone! :relaxed:
By reputation It’s one of the most self testing yet fun challenges ever competed within the game!

Also this event is organized by one of the most friendly, most knowledgeable and active Borderlands community’s out there!

Absolutely all monies raised are donated to CHARITY!!! :gift_heart:
And bragging rights are always ‘SO’ good right!!! :eyes:

Can not Wait!!!

The heading for that link is:

Borderlands 2 Hardcore One-Life-To-Live Community Challenge

I’ll join, but I’m only going to be able to play “Softcore”. Somebody has to make the other players look good, and I’ll volunteer.

Your leaderboard DB is down. any news on when it will come back up?

@jojothepyro is pretty good with all things admin in this event. I’m sure he’ll get things running smoothly in no time!

Props to Fistmaster5000 COMMUNITY BADASS hitting OP8 today! Live on stream for the second time!
One life maestro, good work man.

And all in the name of charity :thumbsup:

Big props now to Streamer HoudiniTM for reaching OP8 in the one life Community Challenge charity event also.
And he climbed this Everest with no other than… Axton :open_mouth:

Well done man, an amazing achievement :thumbsup:

Massive props now to Streamer Coldiep who has also made OP8 in the very same one life charity event!
This feat was successfully achieved with… Zero :astonished:
And without the use of Moxxi weapons for good measure!

Congrats my friend, also an amazing achievement :thumbsup: