1M damage without any anoints, glitches or tricks?!

:ok_hand: Ain’t no complaints

How soon till they obliterate our fun i wonder

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I hit 8M without anoints earlier with a 20k one on Fl4k.

It’s a decent gun.

One I found was a double barrel that had something around 17Kx2 using 2 ammo per shot. I think what might be doing it is the guardian perk that carries overkill damage into the next shot. I recall doing something similar with FL4K using a sniper rifle where each successive shot would do more damage than the last as long as I was still getting 1 shot kills.

3 weeks. They’ll be off for Christmas, off for New Years, then they’ll nerf everything they can get their hands on. Just hope they can’t figure out how to fix Facepuncher and Brawlers, still works as long as you don’t have a com equipped when stacking damage buffs.

Well, now they know :wink:

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Lol yes, now they do, if they haven’t already seen it all over YouTube.

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