1st Degree Murder!

Continuing the discussion from Gearbox, Please buff El Dragon’s max health:
I understand him doing less damage but the nerf was way too much! He does next to no damage and he dies in pvp (note he died fast before the nerf) very fast cause he has next to no health and deals no damage plus his splash is way too low! It takes a long time for it to hit already and with the fixed height, health and damage you’ll die before or after you land it. Gearbox killed my favorite character for no reason! I am pissed at gearbox and I will remain mad at gearbox till they fix him right. He even sucks in story I can’t play him anymore. Fix him!! Please. Fellow Lucha-lovers Join me in being mad at gearbox. Galilea and Ambra is still usable. Why was El Dragon nerfed so hard. I want my high flying Luchadore back!! T^T

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I don’t understand, El Dragon is my favorite character and i play him a lot, it’s rare that i don’t do well and that’s usually when i overextend, survivabilty is decent, but his damage is excellent. I can’t be mad at Gearbox for making him balanced.

I’m pretty sure he’s really balanced right now even in high level game play matches. You just can’t 1v5 the entire team anymore which shouldn’t have been possible to begin with…

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Nope, 3 matches I’ve played against him and he got a quad kill in each match.