1st legit stream

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Earlier I decided to take up streaming because of the scavenger hunt event. This is my 1st legit stream, comment and tell me how it comes out.

Well your recording fps momentarily freezes every 6-10 seconds from what looks like 2-3 second lag but otherwise it’s coming out good.

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Thanks, I need to adjust my settings.

Here is the finished product - http://www.twitch.tv/red_sentry/b/612561770

No audio, poor gameplay, and epic fails all for you guys!

This stream was more or less a test of the capabilities of my computer for streaming, in the future I will try to enhance my streams, that is if I even continue streaming.

FFW as necessary.

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You sound like a man with a plan

Yep, I was too lazy to check my PC specs out before I started, cuz it’s a new alienware PC. So I assumed it would run okay, and the streaming program I run pretty much auto configures the settings. I need to do a bit more research before I become a full-fledged streamer.

All’s good, streaming on twitch from what I’ve seen over the years seems to have it’s good days and bad. The lag issues I noticed earlier could have easily come from the twitch server end rather then your rig.

Edit: the biggest downside to Alienware sadly is from my understanding & what little I’ve personally used one is the Alienware brand used to be awesome even from an IT perspective in that Alienware computers had a great deal of love and care built into them so to speak, until HP bought the brand.

Thanks, I’m signing off for tonight.

Have a good one @RedSentinel

You’re in the right spot, @RedSentinel. Have fun!

Well, he is now. I moved the thread the other day, just never said anything :stuck_out_tongue:

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You sneaky sneaky.

A little late, but i subbed.

Don’t sub I’m awful :blush:

You warning is too late. I already clicked the sub button.

Thank you Broccoli, I might start streaming loot drops again this weekend.

If you ever need a person to help you murder things in BL2, you know who to call.