1st Paid DLC favorite part...need new COS based on Infected!

Whoever designed the enemy AI, decided the attack for the Infected in the Trash Level, and how difficult they are at Mayhem Level 3…you rock.

Would love to see a Circle of Slaughter with a stream of like 100 or more of this enemy type coming at the vault hunters in waves. Probably, the most fun of any of the battles in the entire game. We need more of these kind of battles.

It’s like a horde of fast zombies coming at you. They are fairly easy to kill but move fast enough that you have to get a good aim on them or they just overpower you.


I had just gotten the luck cannon and with ties that bind and dread… That WAS SO MUCH FUN!!! :smiley::smiley:

They are neat little guys, and the speed-up is interesting.

But why are they there?

Feels like there was an additional side-quest planned to explain/cover that area that was dropped for the release. Maybe it’ll show up sometime?