1st play thru questions

I’ve pretty much completed the main game (as Zero) and all the DLC’s, Captain Scarlet, Mr. Torgue, Sir Hammerlock and Tiny Tina except for the invincible bosses and the Tier3 quests and I’m only at level 41. Is this common? I don’t have great weapons to attempt those more difficult quests since they do indicate level 50. I’ve tried and it doesn’t fare well. So at a loss on how to level up since I don’t have anymore quests that can help build up XP. Can you redo quests if they’re already done?

Go to TVHM (second playthrough). You are overleveled, especially if you are still in normal. Not a problem until UVHM though.

You can only reset your playthrough in UVHM, the playthrough after TVHM.

Ahh Ok after setting to TVHM it set me back to the beginning where you meet claptrap, all my quests are gone so like starting over except have all my weapons, mods etc. thanks.

You’re very overleveled at the moment, so I recommend that you ONLY do main story missions until you’re starting to get missions that are around your level. This should be around the time when you’re getting ready to go to Wildlife Exploitation Preserve. After you’ve finished the main story, the game will scale everything to level 50. Including the missions you skipped. That way you can still take them, and get some joy from them. Taking them when you’re 10 levels above isn’t much fun.

as he said, but since you are beginning TVHM overlevel, you’ll be getting a little less XP per kills and maybe even missions, so there is some wiggle room, I would say try to get through the main missions with as little killing as possible, stay out of the Slaughter Domes till the end (if at all), as you will preferably want to start UVHM (I assume) at around level 50 - 52 and UVHM mobs match what level you are from the start

Depends, you can still be killed if you get over confident or haven’t keep your gear upgraded and unless the OP has another toon at a higher level, he only has what ever level of gear that is dropping in the game (assuming he doesn’t trade for Higher gear)

Hey thanks for the advice. Have been upgrading weapons at every opportunity.