1v1 help with el Dragon

I’ve been playing some matches with el Dragon and here are some of my thoughts.

  1. Early game is really hard and boring since i cant really do anything. If i go to splash minions, my shield and health get depleted really fast. So it is splash, clothsline out of there and hope I dont get stuck on a wall, and go to get some health because you cant do that if you arent with at least 75% health.

  2. Repeat and go look for shards to stack up.

  3. 1vs1 early game is a no-no. Even with a full stack. If the see you coming, the start going backwards, so landing hits or the splash is almost impossible. This is also a problem for later on the game because I know i can do something when i am en fuego, but the enemy probably also has more skills on their helix.

  4. If i go 1vs1 vs other melee characters im dead. El dragon isnt the strongest or healthiest. Rath would just spin attack me and im dead. Galilea stun me or disappear to the ground. Phoebe stuns me. Deande decoys and disappears so she always escapes. And el Dragon? Im a big target, with low health, that cant stun (until way to late and it is hard to do it), and usually have to hit them a lot since im not powerful enough even with full stack.

Sorry, long post. Just hoping there would be a buff for him. Especially with his primary attack or his health.

I know it’s a bit lengthy but if you take the time to read it I’m sure you will get a grasp of what you should be doing and when. He does struggle early game but he can certainly win most 1v1s if played right since he has some of the highest dps on his attacks.

Thanks, I already read your guide and it is awesome. I use almost all the same helix upgrades, but still it is very tough to gather lots of kills. I just wish the clothesline would do more damage or stun people to even the playing field with other melee players or faster players that escape really easy.

Honestly I play Dragon more like an Assassin…you shouldnt really come at them face to face unless your doing clothesline slam for his pop-up, which is basically a stun since you can start meleeing them before they even hit the ground.

I never really have trouble with characters escaping late game (unless they get a “lucky” stun), if theyre getting away from you while youre hitting try taking movement speed Gear. For more guaranteed damage id recommend blindsiding them with Dragon splash>get some hits in>if they somehow pull away and run just clothesline dunk them>continue beating on them.

His base melee damage is the best in the game, if GB gave him ANOTHER stun (outside of En Fuego Dragon Splash) thatd honestly be kinda broken imo.

el dragon gets better at 5, i strike like an assassin though witha combo , i use clothesline with slow mut, going into elbow drop mut also then en fuego to dragon splash they just punch them while there stunned , alot of squishy people dont make it out of that attack

thanks for the replies. guess I gotta keep practicing my combo and learn the clothesline elbow drop combo better.

You can’t really do much at level 1. Just try to hit a few enemies and get to level 2 mostly through building things. Once you have the splash electricity unlocked at level 2, you can dive minions and then run away to start soaking up XP

At level 4 is when I would start actually fighting people, because that is when you get the clothesline knockup unlocked.

El Dragon is like Boldur…awful early game but very potent late game. Just be patient and things will start to steamroll after level 5.

Dr HoHo’s guide is legit. Read it. I more or less use his build with a few tweaks and its been very successful for me.