1v1 or Teams? Inter-racial or Not?

The demographics may have an effect on how our baby gets balanced folks, so chime in.

My play style - Team play, inter-racial allies. Keep the “balance” away from our racial advantages.

If it gets balanced to 1v1, any-race, any map… I will cry. I will rub some dirt on it and keep on playing, but I think we can do better.

Four races.


I appreciate and understand the 1v1/ladder play style. Easier, faster, less chance of lag/crash. Less chance of random fumble-fingered newb ally. Easier to show concrete bragging rights/results. I played ladders, and liked it.

But I won’t go down without a fight.

It’s our new world order, and our 4v4 all-v-all has rights too! :fist:


What say ye out there in forum-land? I know we don’t have a lobby yet, but have faith that team games are a’comin’.

HW1 and HW2 were actually the games where I felt team gameplay worked well compared to most other RTS, without taking too much away from 1v1.

1v1 should be the main one, then 2v2, but … how do I put this?

Generally when you have some opportunity to nerf something. There are many ways to nerf it. You can run down the possibilities and figure out how to make this change effect one more more or less than another where it’s more or less of a problem.
So balancing 2v2 shouldn’t sacrifice 1v1 balance, but if something effects both and 2v2 more, well then you can figure out how to exacerbate the effect in 2v2 with the change.

Well, with the current little feature of no ship cap limits on inter-racial ship transfers of types not associated with that race, 1v1 takes a big old backseat to 2v2,3v3, and 4v4 in the fun department.

Ever seen a HW2 carrier spit eternal plats and keep transferring at max to a HW1 player? I can create a “Tholian Web” of plats around Sarum’s center that will leave most fleets scurrying. Try visualizing two HW2 carriers doing that… feel those goosebumps???

Broken? You bet. It should have same ship caps for all ship types for all races.

Not eternal HW1 cloak and gravwells to a lucky, lucky, HW2 ally.

However, by allowing the transfers at all, it opens up a lot of options. It takes 1v1 right off the table for me, even if it means 4 people against 4 expert AI, until we get a more stable build.

Like two parties that both love their country, but disagree on the direction… I will hold to the team play side, while conceding all valid points that 1v1 offers.

Team play all the way!

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