2/27/20 Hotfix: nevermind the Lob, what about the other weapon buffs?

Ok, the Lob buff is cool I guess. I will try it out but let’s be real…it will probably get nerfed. I’m more interested in the other less extreme buffs. I’m especially interested to know if the DAHL buff did enough to make any of the DAHL assault rifles more interesting/useful. Has anyone put any of these new buffs to the test?

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To be honest, Dahls have always been awesome in this game and now they are even more awesome


Yeah, I dusted off my Helix’s that I had, they wreck. Nobody seems to mention the Hail, base damage 800-1000 now, 150/175% crit, AND life steal. Yeah it’s a little wonky to use, but it can dish out some hefty dps now.


I haven’t experimented much with the DAHL ARs yet, but I did pull out a Woodblocker on my FL4K. It is much more useable now.
The recoil is what kept it from being useful. The recoil is now much more manageable.
And the Crit damage increase makes it work as how it was designed.
It is a 3 burst fire, and each bullet in that burst causes the barrel to raise a little bit.
On normal human type enemies, the crit is usually the head so you need to aim a little bit low and let the rifle climb to get your crit. Originally, this vertical recoil was just awful. Now it is manageable.
The one I have does have 100% damage on ASE, and radiation element.
In M3 it is one shotting many enemies. Haven’t tested it in M4 yet.

Discovered I had sold all Malek’s Bane so haven’t been able to test it yet.

The barrage is viable against robots. But there are still better weapons to use, like the kaos or Mngwa

That alien barrel AR is pretty sick, even before the buff I thought it was the best of the e-tech AR’s.

The hail dont think I heard of it where does it drop

Tip Moxxi, check your mail

I changed characters after the lvl cap, and now I also changed my entire loadout, lol. This game sure don’t turn static!
I used to use the Dictator, just for when I ran out of pistol and SMG ammo, not because it was that good. Now I use the Arctic Star Helix, ALOT!
After the hotfixes only time I use SMGs is Cutsmans for MTD. The Lob and the Helix is an awesome combo these days!

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Tbh I always felt they where good not great but you know how they are kind of designed to be more to military shooter guns nothing special but solid I felt they hit the mark perfectly not sure about now though still picking up two more Dahl legendary assault rifles before I continue finishing my first playthru on my new Dahl allegiance zane and start tvhm on m4 kaos was good before the buff nice and solid

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Ran Slaughterstar last night on TVHM M4 with Moze, using nothing but a Woodblocker. It’s doable. Basically, was using it like a burst fire assault rifle. Used skills like Scrappy, Rushin Assault.

Probably the most fun I’ve had in a while with a sniper, but definitely a meme build.

WI is clearly the better sniper, but I think Woodblocker now has a place as a great mid range rifle… That happens to be a sniper.

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breath of the dying was really good before the buff, I’m sure it’s really good now. haven’t tried it yet, plan to tonight.

edit: yep, tried it, it’s definitely better now.

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if only gaige is a playable character

The thing with the helix is the center bullet path does 100% of the damage listed on the card so even with out trying to use the gimmick it’s a good gun

  • DAHL ARs: Great, now they’re really fun to use and effective

  • Woodblocker: tbh the only thing that the weapon needed was the recoil reduction, being a Hyperion sniper doesn’t make sense at all the recoil. The Invader in BL2 was pinpoint accurate. The 100% crit is a big plus. Now it’s great, the downside is the ammo consumption.

  • Ruby’s wrath: didn’t tried it, but now is much better, almost a top tier.

  • Malak’s bane: It’s still a meme gun, sadly.

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Dahl Helix with 130% damage boost on swap clone (anointed for Zane), is a beast now.

I’m trying to farm a decent warlord for my Dahl zane my god that gun is hard to get lol

So I just did solo Slaughter Shaft with only a rad Woodblocker, a CMT grenade and Iron Bear. Only died the one time. Definitely viable.

Definitely not possible to do Takedown.

EDIT: TVHM M4 Slaughter Shaft

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So I just got a corrosive Breath of the Dying with anointment but it doesn’t seem that great. Am I missing some hidden mechanic or something or is it just so much worse than the Lob and Krakatoa that it seems bad?

the corrosive blobs that spawn after a kill do extremely high damage. it can absolutely melt wotan. also, running an artifact with extra corrosive damage after a corrosive kill takes the blob damage close to the millions.