2.5 is Horrible for Crawmerax Farming

Maybe it’s just me, but since activating 2.5 Crawmerax is infinitely more difficult to kill and the drops seem significantly worse than before.

I initially activated 2.5 so the Gift Shop items would scale, which worked like a charm. However now farming Craw is nearly worthless. I’m not surprised that he’s harder to take down despite the level being the same, but it seems now that the loot is generally far lower quality than it was before.

Has anyone else experienced this or something similar? It’s extremely frustrating feeling like I’m exerting more effort for less of a payoff.

Well, the loot could be down to you seeing the ridiculous quality of loot from the gift shop, or you’re just having a few bad runs and you’re looking for one. Nothing changes the AL his loot spawns at, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have bad(or good) streaks.

If you’re having trouble with the fight, you can take him on in PT1 and he’ll have noticeably less health for the same loot level and quality.


Huh. That’s really interesting. Most of my top notch weapons I got from farming Craw, and actually found most of the gift shop items kinda underwhelming. Not to say I haven’t found some gems in there. Just overall seems like I’m getting inferior items from craw compared to before. And like I said it could just be in my head. That’s a neat trick with PT1 though, might have to give that a shot

Well, I said that stuff about the Gift Shop assuming you were playing the Remaster. If you’re playing the OG Borderlands, then yeah, the Gift Shop is still pretty “eh” in quality.

It is the remaster. By the time I got to the gift shop I’d done so much farming that there wasn’t much room left for improvement haha

Holy skag piles! I tried your tip and maybe I was just in a bad loot slump and it suddenly turned, but everything seems comparatively better on PT1. My first run I finally found a better Orion after months of farming both Craw and the Gift Shop in PT1, 2, and 2.5
Could just be dumb luck, but I’ll take it! At least I know for sure the loot is up to snuff and it’s a helluva lot easier to kill Craw at any rate.
Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU for the advice!

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