2 ability cast KO Orendi build (winter mega update)

so this build works better late game and can kill any non tanks with activating shadowfire pillar and paradigm shift with pillar storm. i’ve tested this 2 hit ko (more around 3 hits) on oscar mike, miko, phoebe, and rath. it should work on anyone that is as squishy or squishier than those i just listed. you want to build for skill damage.

  1. fire walk with me or burned and busted (if the enemy team has a pendles).
  2. dismissed (because i use this to get away from melee characters.)
  3. oh that reminds me (my personal choice that has saved me several times)
  4. preamble of pain (helps get the damage up and works on pillar storm pillars)
  5. renaissance ( because i just want to kill battleborn)
  6. shadowfury (because the build needs more damage.)
  7. essence theft (then you don’t need a healer)
  8. rapid deterioration or Stay… right… there! (since winter mega update either option is fine.)
  9. still hating your shields (name changed to i hate your pretty shields) (you’ll be damaging the health more, it works with the dot of preamble of pain and it goes through overshields, so late game shepards won’t be doing their job.)
  10. pillar storm (the obvious choice for this build because i sad that it was part of this build and the shadowfires from pillar storm use all of the perks you grabbed for orendi.)

orendi is my most used character.

since the update hit i’ve played a lot of orendi to me she hasn’t really changed. i know not everyone plays orendi the same way as me, like i see more utility in the push than the blind or the shield recharge after nullify than attack speed (or before the update lets bounce). but i still enjoy my crazy chaos witch. and to those saying she needed a damage nerf several months ago (back when i originally posted this)!!! she didn’t get one. but with the changes to how meltdown is and how quick people surrender you don’t really get to lvl 10 very often to be able to nuke other players with this build.

note for newer players to the game.
the main focus as an orendi is minions. everytime i see an Orendi not pushing lane, it hurts because that is what she shines at. only go after players when the other teams minions are wrecked and you know you can secure or assist in the kill. watch out for characters with slows, stuns and silences cause those can get you killed if you are not careful (but i sure do love to pick on galilea, that is only something an experienced orendi player should be thinking). but back to the point for the new players. use orendi’s speed and size to avoid damage as much as possible she is insanely (pun probably intended) squishy (guts are squishy right?), use minions as a way to keep from being damaged as well.

note for if a dev sees this.
i’m sorry for killing so many characters with only a press of two buttons after hitting lvl 10 (not really it’s orendi’s revenge from early game).

Tbh, I think Pillarstorm needs a nerf. Like only dealing 75% of the damage with the pillars. The power level of this choice is through the roof.

It’ll hurt me to see it nerfed, but it needs to be done. Today I single-handedly carried a team through Meltdown paradise with my ult-based build, and it was absolutely stupid at times. Also kinda kills the fun of choosing an option at level 10, when Pillarstorm is the obvious answer.

Pillarstorm doesn’t need to be nerfed. It only looks overpowered when all 5 enemy players bunch up. if they stay far apart it is really easy to avoid it. The pillars that are cast are really easy to avoid. to even make it remotely good requires you to take advantage of enemy positioning. no different from a lot of other Ults that will kill multiple enemies that bunch up. It is the only good helix unlock that Orendi has.

Pick Preamble of Pain and cast your ult. If 2 enemies are even somewhat close you can expect at least one kill.

and that is unreasonable why? Orendi is a glass cannon. not to mention it is a level 10 helix. even with prembles it won’t open yourself to being one shotted by paradigm shift unless someone actually get hit by a pillar. the pillar is so easy to dodge as well. as long as you stay moving you will walk right out of the cast since it cast from where you were standing. I am amazed you think something that not only is stationary, has a wind up, and requires level 10 being overpowered. There are many Ult combos in the game that will totally 100-0 a character.

and the build is updated.

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