2 crashes in 1 hour, a new record!

First, a crash involving shooting while crouched looking through the sight with a Jakobs rifle at Titan Industrial Facility, then the same thing at Vorago Solitude! What is wrong with this game? I’m not playing anymore until all these crashes get fixed. By the way, all my crashes so far have involved beam lasers. Either shooting them or being shot with them.

What type of crash? Game crashes or is it hardcrashing?

If there’s an error message, what does it say?

are you playing as nisha specced into unforgiven?

I’m playing as Wilhelm, and I have specced into Cold War and Kinetic Armor, if that helps. I’m also playing on Xbox 360, so it just hangs, still playing music and looping whatever sounds were playing when it crashed. And I’m wrong about the beam thing. But I think they all have involved lasers, at least.


I specced out of Cold War and it stopped crashing. It’s more than likely Cold War causing the crashing. Shame. That’s one of my favorite skills for Wilhelm.

I’m wrong again. I was shot with a cryo splitter and it crashed again. This time I was shot by a flying insecurity bot during a mutator game.