2 days and i still cant play

2 LOONG DAYS. And i still cant play. Im stuck in prologue, i keep getting desconnected in the beginning. Since i cant pass this i cant even have a single match in this game. I tried 2k support and they didn’t replay me. Im so mad that i just could have a refund of this game. Thank you. Oh im playing overwatch beta and looks fine. None a single disconnect. GG

Sry all for my bad english.

Where are you located? What time zone?

Im located in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. UTC-3:00.

When did the disconnections happen - right at the beginning, during the 2D animated intro, during the in-game opening cut-scene, … ? They introduced the ability to skip the initial animated intro (B on controller) so if the problem occurs then it might be possible to avoid it. The only other thing I can think of trying is partying up and seeing if that avoids the problem. If you want to try that, let me know - I’m UTC-4:00., and I’ll probably be on this evening for a bit.

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Thanks for helping me. Sadly those disconnects are ramdomly. Sometimes after first gate, during the intro, or anywhere. The longest try was 5 min, and then i dc. ://