2 different profiles for solo campaign, 1 online and 1 offline?

hi guys, i would like to buy battleborn for pc but i was wondering about the campaign if it’s playable offline, apparently not on pc, you’ll need to be online, my connectione is really horrible, let’s just say that my download speed is under 500kbps (a lot under…). owning diablo 3 i get disconnected from servers every 3/5 minutes and it’s just not nice, i have to re load and go back where i was…if i make it in time before losing the connection again -.- ; i’d like to avoid this on battleborn. i’m soon going to end my internet contract because obvious reasons, but i would buy battleborn even for only the campaign, and i know it’s only online to avoid people cheating, but can’t there be campaign mode not connected to any online unlock’s or online partecipation? i mean 1 profile as the game establishes: through campaign you unlock stuff for online/co-op and more; but can there be just an offline profile playable without internet which is not bounded to any online unlock, achievement, co-op? we had this in the past, just for example: in cod mw2 you could play split schreen or even solo at the “multyplayer mode” all the unlock’s and anything else gained in that offline profile was not available in the online mode, but i could play it, i’m not asking for battleborn multyplayer maps to be available offline, but just the campaign without any connection, there is any better way to be heard by gearbox? even if i don’t think they’ll do that for 1 player…weeell wish me good luck? xD and sorry if i posted in the wrong place x)

It is always online, even solo.

I’m sorry to hear about your internet trouble. I’ve had a lot of that in the past so I can empathize. I had heard you could play offline, but I may be wrong.

well, you destroied all my hopes in a few seconds @Jordangold527 ty man.

Nope its always online, sadly if you could play offline then you could access your save file and alter it which would allow hacking into PVP.


That kinda sucks, but it’s understandable. I’d rather have to be online while I play than have someone be unbeatable in PvP.

Though, if you had a separate profile for offline, then this wouldn’t be an issue.

The maps for story are stored and run off servers, whether solo or with group. The size of the game would increase significantly if the story maps also needed to be stored on the local system for offline play. Probably not an issue for most PC players, but still something to point out.

Your story progress and gear carry over to pvp, so that would make an issue there.

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I feel like you’re missing the point.

Profile 1: The game plays exactly as it does now (and like you’re describing)

Profile 2: LAN-Mode (or Offline-Mode). Data Stored locally and non-transferable. You can play offline.

Edit: How else are they supposed to do tournaments, other than some kind LAN mode?

you got exactly my point! thanks, too bad i think there’s need of a lot of players asking this to make it possible.

The maps have to be on both client and server. The server needs the maps to run collision checks, AI pathing, and other gameplay rules. The client needs the maps to render and do client-side prediction.

If anything, the servers need slightly less map data than clients do because it doesn’t need the renderable parts of the map, just the collision mesh, nav mesh, scripting triggers, spawn points, etc.

This game is 20gigs to download that is a extreamly small download for Next Gen gaming.
Take for example Dead Rising 3 for Xbox One that game had a update and that was 60gigs for just a update. Why because Dead Rising 3 is all on your Hardrive that why it’s so frigging huge.
Gearbox has done the right choice keeping most of there game on there own servers.
I can afford 20gig download not 60gigs or more thank you very much.

So there’s no hope of us getting any form of offline mode? That sucks. I’m supposed to go to Afghanistan later this year and was hoping to kill some time on Battleborn.

While there’s no offline mode, I question how strong your connection needs to be in order to play a private match. They haven’t addressed the connection speed, just that you need one. Once you get your server going, I really could see it running fine