2 farming events followed by a level cap increases

Why? Not one but two item farming events followed by a level cap increases. I know many ( but not all) changes from the Rare Spawn farming event where kept. I just don’t see the sence in encouraging players to collect gear and then making the collected gear less relevant a few weeks later.

The justification that the game is all about farming holds no water from my view point. The game is about looting yes but not entirely. The game is also about feeling like a badass. Killing monsters and yes looting.

The fact that this chain of events was sloppily put together is inescapable. I understand they want to take advantage of the communities dedication to help them improve the game (possibly in a more timely manner) but things like this need to be thought through before launching content.

From what I have experienced so far BL3 has a rep of launching content that hasn’t been thoroughly tested and then used the more active community to test and troubleshoot. Dispite the game having a great first playthrough which is full of amazing experiences the game struggles to hold up in terms of quality, balance and consistency when at maximum level. I really wish BL3 had a bit more to its “end game” if we can really call it that. I hope they continue to improve drop rates and so something to give players more agency over what gear or anointments they get to downplay the tedium. I hope the team takes more time to think about how to time and balance when and how much content comes out. A level increases would have been more acceptable before or alongside a story DLC which has a plentiful of new unique guns to test. Doing a level increases after two gear farming frenzies and having it attached to a week long seasonal event that has less then the last feels sloppy and rushed.