2 Fl4k bugs (pet AI, dominance)

3 times now when I was doing Proving grounds has my pet (Great Horned Skag) just stopped moving. He doesn’t attack and attack commands don’t get him to move. He can only be moved with gamma burst but he’ll still be stationary.
I don’t know if it happens to other pets or if it’s something to with issuing an attack command on an enemy just before it dies, but it’s very annoying.
It can be fixed by switching the pet out to another one, letting it load in, and then switching it back again.

The other bug is that the Dominance skill sometimes doesn’t work or it’ll take multiple melees to trigger. In one instance the enemy became hostile again after about 5 seconds instead of the specified 12 seconds. Can teammates shoot turned enemies to make them hostile again?

I hadn’t seen anyone mention these bugs so there you go.