2 frustrating questions about Milko?

my two questions about Milko
I played Milko a lot in the Beta. After the Beta was over I watched videos on Milko.
There is two abilitys Milko has that I never used the whole week because I didn’t understand how to get them working.

  1. Milko puts his hands Together to heal team mates. I never ever did this the whole beta. I don’t know what buttons to press to heal this way and I never stumbled accross it. I need someone to educated my how to do this healing on Xbox One. I have no understanding how this healing works and I have never seen anyone use it before.

  2. Milko has brown Balls called spores. I never ever used this ability because I had no idea how to produce these brown balls in Milko’s hands. Someone educated me on how to produce Spores ingame and what button to toss the spores on Xbox One please? I would love to use this abilitys for the first time.

I did see both on the Helix but I was understanding they was automatic.
The youtube videos of Milko prooved to me I had to choose to use them and I didn’t in the Beta because all games on the planet no longer come with manuals.
Some of us are not as bright as everyone else!
Any information I will use in a weeks time as I want to become a Milko Master.
Thank you.

Well, I’ll use PS4 controls, but I assume they’re the same/similar.

R2 is daggers
L2 is healing beam
R1 is spore ball
L1 is self heal (Biosynthesis) <-- Miko puts their hands together

There’s a talent at level 2 that lets your self heal also heal people around you.

heal-beam is miko’s alternative. press just the right mouse button on PC (respective buttons for controllers, idk)

the ability to throw a spore is just a regular one, look into button mapping to see (pc is Q and E for normal abilities)

Biosynthesis is that the ability where Milko puts his hands together to heal like he is praying or something?

yes. I’ll edit that in to my first reply

I would look into a hell of a lot of information on this website but I’m too stupid to understand how to use the search bar on this website sorry…:confused:

I must bookmark this Thread to use in a weeks time.
If I find good Milko Youtubes to past them here do I just past the Youtube link in as a link do I, or is there a set of BB codes I can use?

@kennypants when you get the game, I suggest you spend a bit of time in the information screens for each of the characters before going into the game. It explains there what each of the skills and ultimates are etc. Then all you need to do is match up the corresponding buttons on the controller/keyboard to these (which should be explained in the game, there was a controller map on the PS4).

As for videos, it’s worth following Battleborn on YouTube, they have added videos about some of the characters (hopefully they’ll add the rest over time). Here’s one about Miko:


@Martok Now I feel thick as a brick. I read all the information about Milko on Xbox One Beta. I don’t remember reading ingame any information about corresponding buttons on the controller for anything. Maybe it went in one ear and out the other side so to speak… I’ll watch the youtube. bye

@Martok That video showed me Biosynthesis used for the first time. Sure I seen that video a couple of times before but I never picked up on What he was up to. I understood about spores the first time I seen the brown ball just didn’t understand how to pop them out. It’s a great little video. How do I post a Battleborn video to help others out in forums if needed?

Okay, answers given, thread closed.