2 hour expiration on latest golden key shift code

That’s absolutely ridiculous. Key was generated and tweeted this morning, I go to redeem and it’s already expired. I check the tweet time and I narrowly missed it.

2 hour expiration? We don’t all live on Twitter.

Can we pretty please with sugar on top get some key codes that do not immediately expire?


Same thing happened to me, just missed it.

Wait… you’re saying that you didn’t index your whole f’cking life to Borderlands 3 and missed their ever important key tweets?!

How dare you sir. How dare you…


Def agree with this. Some of us actually have lives and don’t even use social media bs.


Werent bl2 keys usually available for at least 1 day? I know some never expired. I dont remember anything in bl2 to expire in a couple hours.

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This is the first I’m hearing of this latest key. I have been at work all morning so I guess I missed out too then…

How do we use a game feature without the keys to use it??

I check golden keys once a day. I have twitter, reluctantly, and it DEFINITELY does not get notification permissions on my phone.
I use mentalmars website to see if new keys are out.

i think a 48 hour minimum would
be appropriate .

i sincerely hope you’re listening gearbox.
i’ve lost keys on borderlands g.o.t.Y edition .
vip keys i’ve bought never arrived.

i’ve used the support ticket, but asked
for bl2 keys by accident.

i told them i’d be playing bj3 and to
never mind. the case was closed.

Not for the first couple of months, in fact many of the early bl2 ones were limited redemptions, some as small as 100 I think. They loosen up over time

I’d like to have some sort of actual IN GAME golden key rewards. Like every 24 hours of playtime or something. I guess that would lead to AFK people… maybe every 2k kills or something of that nature? Surely someone who actually makes games can think of something to give dedicated players instead of just twitter junkies who spend more time on social media than actually playing the game.


It’s like they care more about the streamers that probably can’t remember 20% of the first 10 minutes of gameplay on B1, instead of their die-hard fan-base that have been loving this game series since the first reveal of it, playing for so long that they’ve collected max level versions of most, if not all, of the Legendary and Pearlescent, and lame looking Iridescent gear they’ve come up with, put themselves through personal challenges of maxing out every proefficiency with every weapon on every character, and beating/discovering every possible challenge… (INHALES DEEPLY) … And overall loving every aspect of the lore, despite it’s flaws.


I agree with this. Pretty lame.

They seem to be fewer and further between than I remember them being for BL2 too. Only had one in the last few weeks that worked and I had to be pretty sharp to catch that before it expired. Surprised at the lack as much as I am disappointed.

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it’s like they are handing out something of value, 1st come 1st serve…

Man I miss weapon proficiencies from BL1 … they were so rewarding. Use weapon, get better with weapon, insane concept these days <3 lol Badass/guardian is ok-ish but they just don’t quite do it for me the way Bl1’s system did.


I loved the weapon proficience also. I dont know why they were removed. It wasnt hard to get all of them to max.

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and this is why i use a trainer and get keys whenever i want. i never do since i have everything but if i did i dont need to be logged in waiting for a code.

I like the Badass and Guardian rank system, but I feel those should have been more character based rather than weapon based, like increasing health or handling and such. The proficiency should have remained and affected the weapon damage and fire rate and such.

If you quiick theres a new key now.
Now expired all platforms


Don’t know if it has been suggested already or I just haven’t seen it here yet but a sticky for Golden key shift codes would be good don’t you think mods?.