2 hours in My thoughts

Before we get started I am really enjoying this game. I am going to break it into parts

The Cards:
The card based lvl up system is used a lot in mobile games, but never like in the context of a shooter. So the system is nothing new, but what gearbox did with it. They did it well. They clearly set and defined the kinds and quality of cards. Rares feel like Rares. Epics feel like they are Epics. And it is a sad truth that with the system that they are using it would happen that if you are a new player or a player that pours hours and hours into it there is going to be a noticeable difference.

The Maps:
The map design and style is very good. I cant really fault anything there expect that they maybe make like a spot on the ground to show where the health packs are instead of just disappearing on pick up. Granted memory will kick in but a visual aid would be nice. And if they could mark the insta-death areas or something like that.

The Feel & Balance:
The game runs very smoothly for being so new. I get a solid 120 that does sometimes dip, which I am attributing to the fact that this game is so new. I do also feel that overtime the game will get a huge gfx update either toward an open beta or toward release, just a sprucing up if you will. The balance of the game is very tricky to place right now. You have people playing that are on an extremely higher plane of skill then other if not most people playing the game. Each match I have had win or loss was still fun to me, while that has dwindled slightly either due to me plateauing or the influx of new players which muddled the MMR waters if you will. The only thing in this category that I would recommend is having a score based kind of thing. There have been times where I had almost a double kill lead on a person with 1 min left, and the opponent probably isn’t going to catch up. That being said this has also happened to me to. And while I still played trying to catch up until the time ran out left me feeling a bit frustrated and drained. OHH I WOULD LOVE A VAULTING SYSTEM TO BE ADDED.

Do some of the systems fire on all cylinders that this games uses? For the most part yes. There are just some little things that if implemented correctly could make waves of improvements. Buffing, Nerfing, and slight Reworkings of the guns and abilities is mostly what this game needs. So far the game is fantastic but just a bit of minor improvements would make it phenomena.

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