2 lines of battle dialogue - who says them?

Just now, I heard someone (possibly MONTANA) shout “Gunzerking!” and many times i have heard a deep voiced make character say “Slaaaaaag!”, presumably whrn hit with a status effect.

Obviously, both lines are Borderlands 2 references, just wondering who exactly says them.

Any other ones like that you guys have heard?

I think “Slaaaaaag” is from Oskar Mike, it just strikes me as something he would say.

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I think Ghalt and Oscar Mike. I think Oscar Mike is actually saying “Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag!” though.


That sounds more in line with his character.

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Oscar Mike ‘laaaaagg’

Gunzerking no idea.

Gunzerking is definitely from Ghalt. He actually has a couple of lines that reference gunzerking. My favorite being “I’m like some kind of berserker… but with guns!”

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Hmmmm damn I was so excited thinking it was Slag but Lag definitely makes more sense!

Yep, gunzerking’s from Ghalt, and Mike is complaining about lag.

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Wait… you mean Mike are aware he’s in a video game?


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Speaking of lines, on a kill streak with pendles, I heard wait till the brood hears this, does he actually have kids or did he say crew

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He DOES run a company, albeit an assassination business!

Executive executions; available for birthday parties,
Maybe he adopted at some orphans party lol

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A bunch of Battleborn are. One of my favorite fourth wall breaking moments is from Orendi as she casts Paradigm Shift: “A! O! E!”

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Have you heard whiskey foxtrots “you think this is a ■■■■■■ game, cuz it is, and it’s fun as hell”


I’m quite fond of Mellka thanking all the dead guys that brought her to her level up.


Yeah a lot of The BB battle dialogue make me think of things Deadpool would say as he breaks the fourth wall while already having broken the 4th wall.

So meta.

Sorry, I forgot about needing to censor

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I dropped my game pad and let go of my mouse the first time I heard those lines I was laughing so hard. It was a moment of pure joy.