2 more free “The Dictator”


I don’t want em, so just let me know if you do.

I will take it off your hands

Yes please.


Skavenger gets dibs on choice since he’s been very generous to me in the past, but if you still want the second one he doesn’t pick it’s yours.

Which one did you want?

It’s only letting me see the non elemental life steal one. So I’m good with that one

Ok. (I think I fixed it)

Actually the nuclear one would be sweet on my nuclear moze, if you don’t mind sending me that’s one instead

No prob! Nuclear one to you.

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@Skavenger chose the nuclear one. Are you good with the life steal one?

Who are you on Xbox again? Ye Olde Wolf, right?

Yes sir

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Right on. Sent it.

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