2 Oranges + Purple Grenade = Orange Grenade?

Havent used the grinder for grenades in a while.

Will 2 legendaries and a purple grenade get me an orange grenade?

Nope. 3 purples=possible legendary or 3 oranges=guaranteed legendary

So if i load in 3 oranges is there any way to gusrantee a grenade mod?

Dashboard enough and you’ll get it. Or trade. What are you looking for?

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Alright cool.

Ive got a ZX1, Cat O 9, and a Bulwark i want to turn jnto a short fuse sticky homing (or at least just homing) bonus package.

Can you get DLC Legendaries in the grinder?

I’ll check on that bonus package for you. I don’t think you can get the new DLC Legendaries in the Grinder but can’t say for sure.


I had one of those to drop from the Basass Tork in the Titan Production Facility, right between where you meet Gladstone Katoa and the exit to the Robot Facility. That specific beastie has actually been quite good to me.

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You cant grind 2 orange lasers and an orange shield?

Neither of the lasers is an Excali, if that is still an issue…

I settled for a reactive marketeer, as i am fighting rk5 almost immediately and i have a SHBP waiting for me at 50!

My next question is - can i grind 3 purple COMs into a Celestial Fragtrap COM?

Moonstone grind 3 purple COMs for a chance at Legendary. But I don’t know if Celestial Fragtrap was added to Grinder. I’ve already seen two of them in the vendors though. 2KAus making up for lost time.

It was. A moonstone grind of three purple COMs has a chance to give you one.

Your best bet is to use 3 purple Claptrap coms and odds are you’ll get a Celestial. It worked that way the two times I did it for Athena at least.

Now that you mention it I remember seeing pics of someone who ground a Celestial Fragtrap.

Is there another Legendary COM for Clappy?

Didnt each class have a legendary COM grindable upon release?

Three purple class mods (any character) + moonstones = celestial for character who’s grinding it. Has been 100%, for me at least (& I’m wondering if this isn’t a glitch Gearbox will ‘fix’?) Trouble has been getting any other legendaries, though I did finally see a Chronicler drop (right after I got one the old fashioned way via the Holodome).

Clappy has the other L.mods – Chronicler &, Eridian; good luck on getting them to grind. For Clappy, though, since I don’t use the right tree anyway, I mostly use the purple coms on him.

On release, it seemed harder to get legendaries (harder than moonstone grinding, for sure).

Thanks, guys.

Got my celestial fraggy first try, sweet.

Now - are shields the same as COMS?

Three legendaries will guarantee a dufferent legendary or three purple shields + moonstones guves me s chamce at a legendary shield?

You can’t moonstone grind three purple shields. Also, beware of the oddities around rarity level as I believe the same thing applies as in BL2?

Guess ill just do three Leggies then.

I have an extra Bulwark, Shooting Stsr and I think a Cradle i dont mind sacrificing for an Avalanche.