2 PSN accounts on 1 PS4. Only one account got the deluxe pre order dlc skins and taunts

@Battleborn @2K_UK you screwed me. I share a ps4 with my fiancé. We have two separate PSN accounts on our system. we pre ordered the digital deluxe from the PlayStation store on her account to get the golden skins and taunts! Now I open the game and I don’t have them. Was I supposed to separately pre order two times! I have 70,000 Instagram followers and I will make it my personal mission everyday to degrade this game to my followers if this issue is not resolved.

Well, I wouldn’t be afraid of that either xD

The pre-order bonuses are linked to the account where the purchase was made.

I highly doubt that.

Edit: Found you on Instagram. Confirmed that you have less than 6K followers. Not gonna link it, cuz I’m classy like that, but know that I know.

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It’s always been the practice that games that have content like skins and extras are for the Licensed account only. The maps and other in game content like characters should work, but I’ve not seen gun camos or the like do that. You’re gonna make 5 gold skins a “mission” in your life?


Oh, and instagram is not a scare tactic, I’m pretty sure.


Just like how the SHIFT account gives your account and only that account a reward, I’m pretty sure it works the same with the skins and taunts.

Your brain can’t process logic? You need help yet you post threats? Good job. Oh 70k followers? boohoo

What they lack of brain, they compensate it with Instagram or Twitter followers xDDD

Same with the big truck/tiny willy analogy xD

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While the threat was hilarious, I too was kinda bummed by this! Especially cause my GF got the skins, even though I paid for the game! Any chance we could get the a code for the skins for secondary accounts? =)

While I am not an employee of Gearbox, I can assure you of the following;

Gearbox value a player who has 0 Instagram followers as much as one with several million.

Any and all fielded threats amount to very little, and do not alter how they deal with their users who are kind enough to dedicate time and money to their product. If you bought their product, they wish for you to have the best experience possible with it. It ends there.

Should you have any issues, please put in a support ticket;


Also, I would remind any and all users that while the OP was incorrect in having tossed threats, that doesn’t open him up to insults. For the following reasons, this thread has been locked.

If anyone has concerns, please PM me.