2 questions, one about maximizing DPS and the other about her level 5 helix choices

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  1. Assuming that every arrow hits, which tactic would provide Thorn with a higher DPS against her target: A - rapidly firing off non-charged arrows, or B - fully charging, and then firing them in order to take advantage of the 25% damage boost?

  2. Excluding the middle choice, which level 5 helix option is the best? Both the DoT and damage boost seem as though they would be useful.

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  1. While I don’t have definite proof, I can say it’s nearly definitely B. Especially with her legendary in play. If it wasn’t this way, then what’s even the point of actually cursing most of the time? Adtionally, her right after level 5 is a factor

  2. Debatable. In PVE, left. Immediately. In general actually, left is better.
    But, the main question is, are you sniping? Spamming charged shots? If yes, right. And it’s getting buffed too so it’s more even. It can even help keep shields down like old Mellka. But…

If you’re using the imo optimal playstyle and mostly using her as a skill based character, because her skills are generally considered amazing, left is the far obvious choice.

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  1. Charged shots. Aim for critical hits as much as you can. I rarely fire non-cursed arrows these days.

  2. Right. It’s getting a nice buff, and it prevents shields from recharging and players from recalling. Synchronises well with the first answer.

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You may think you can’t land these. You can. Just pretend you’re using very precise Shadowfire pillars. Sunspots are constant Shadowfire pillars that heal. Oscar Mike shoots miniscule and fast Shadowfire pillars that require a reload. Reyna projects a Shadowfire pillar in a shield form onto people. Rath is a Shadowfire pillar

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AMAZING! :smile:

Also, @Ganjamira isn’t online right now, but she said you’ll get another like for that.

To add to the topic: It is theoretically possible to combine both rapid-fired and cursed arrows, if you use Cursed Earth (H2L).

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Ah, quite true

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With the current bleed at 144 damage per cursed target, it is incredibly better than than the damage amp. To do 144 extra damage with the hextension you need to do 1440 damage BEFORE the added extra damage.
14401.25=1800. This is the total damage from original curse.
1.35=1944. This is the total damage with hextension.
All damage must come from skills and fully charged arrows after the person has been cursed. Any skill damage increase will also increase the amount of damage you need to do to match a single application, because skill damage increases the bleed by the same percentage.
When taken into account one can easily curse multiple targets, especially when combined with piercing curse applying volley, the damage of bleed becomes quite high. Using a single volley and hitting five minions gives a bonus DPS of 720 extra damage.