2 questions please read this,

I bought the super edition on epic, it was the highest priced version


i thought that edition comes with all dlc?

but on epic games store its asking me to buy the dlc? season pass and that moxis heist extra dlc story mission

what are annoitments?> how do i know if i have one?


That edition should include the dlc yes; and anointments are found on weapons, shields and grenades; they are shown at the bottom of the item card and will have a vault symbol at the top center of the card - anointed items also have a distinct aura to them differentiating them from other loot

well i need to check with epic as i may have bought the standard edition, im sure i bought the highest priced version on release

Also does itr say annointed weapon~? so much stats on the weapons its hard to see which is worth keeping and selling, i usually sell all my extra weapons as i aint got space

i need to look out for the annointed guns

You may have to interact with the poster thats outside moxxi’s bar to access/download the dlc; im not sure what steps are needed concerning pc but theres a number of threads on the forums pertaining to this.
For anointed items; yes its noted directly on the card, example i have circled the differences in red:

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Another way to easily spot anointment weapon is it have different aura when droppes, you can see it has whirlwind like effect.

i see

im level 30 will i get this type of stuff?

Not the terror stuff in particular, but once you finish the normal playthrough and raise the mahem level the odds will go up; as theres an event starting tomorrow until the end of the month im sure youll start to see more as you go