2 random skill changes that could fix moze

Again moze is still pretty much the weakest vault hunter and to keep up legit requires rocket spam builds :frowning: but 2 skills I’d change and add effects to could honestly be just enough obv I’m not perfect so more could be changed but heres what I thought of.
Stoke the embers- (I know not many care about the skill but hear me out) so the fire damage portion boost it to 35 or 40% BUT add another effect. When enemy is on fire damage delt to target is increased by 20% or what ever percent fits. Feel like that would be dope and make use of fire damage even against armor or shield enemies. Percentage could obv change to whatever is needed to make it work. Could also change it to fire damage boosted by 40% every other element 15%. Personally like the first suggestion better

For the 2nd skill to be made better. Which is a bias opinion because I love the green tree but…
FORGE- gain a stacking buff for every ammo you regen. This I dont know how much like the rate or the max stacks but I know it NEEDS to be a flat damage increase and not gun damage. She suffers from too little multipliers compared to other characters tbh.
Anyway that’s my bit, please dont rage on me lol


That might work, making fire a slag/damage buff thing for moze, it works for her character since every tree has bonus fire damage. I do not think it would fix moze unless this fire weakened bonus is massive because anointments matter more and moze has an action skill that just sucks to spam.

Not the savviest Moze player on here by a long shot. But I doubt many players will argue that this could go a long way.

Just small changes like the ones you’ve mentioned could work and be practical,the only place i could see a problem is when running the Dazed & Infused modifier and having any of the enemy 's be immune to the fire,All in all I really like both ideas.

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There are 2 different ways to buff a character, first is improving weak areas. The second is to buff strengths even further. Incendiary damage and ammo regen are her strengths, making them better hurts nothing, except build variety.

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Love your ideas, particularly the second one. I’d add that splash damage reduction is crucial for us. 90% of my deaths on the Takedown with her was her blowing herself up when mobs came near.

But many things need to be fixed with Moze. Add a way for IB to heal himself without splash, to make him durable enough without being forced to spec into DW. Or, at least, move Vampyr higher in the tree. It would help build variety.
SoR tree need some love too. Force Feedback is useless. Tenacious Defense too if you run a Bloodletter build.
I hope that at least, IB will be scaled properly with Mayhem.

zane is the weakest character stop thinking in class mods :d

Sure that’ll work until the next hot fix , event or dlc or even a strong breeze.

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