2 second server burps the past few days?

Bots matches are nearly unplayable at times.
Each time it happens I ask the other players and it is affecting everyone.

It’s not lag, well maybe what Valve calls Multi-player physics lag.

Are you guys seeing this in normal PvP matches lately?

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Where it gives a connection warning symbol and you can’t shoot or see anyone else but can still move freely about the map for a couple seconds and then it goes back to normal? Yeah I’ve had that happen a couple times recently.

On Xbox btw


Same as @lemonheadjake

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It’s been infuriating. Utterly unplayable half the time the last few days.

Edit: Like right now. Unplayable.

only had it on bots matches, but yes. and all those bots matches were on pc, if it matters. there was some small lag on pc pvp yesterday, but none so far on ps4 today, is why i bring it up.

The bots servers are trash right now!!!
What is going on?

Right? I love how Gearbox is just totally silent on this. No acknowledgment whatsoever and it’s still happening.

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Gearbox? Address an issue? Lol you’re funny. The stats pages have been a mess since day one. Glitches in game. Actually addressing player feedback is important Gearbox. Maybe instead of taking three week haituses (before Winter Update) and just shoving lore out and calling it good, how about fixing bugs.

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Happening just now, everyone on the team posting chat about the lag/connection.