+2 Skill: Wechselhaft (german) what means it? (edit: with picture now!)

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Hi Dudas :-),
I am a Noob at that game (lvl 16). And i dont know what that means, when i buy an item (helmet). It says +2 Skills “Wechselhaft”. Sooooo what the Hell does it mens??? Ahhhhh. ^^
[Relevant Item (second Attribut 2+)

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I don’t know German, so I can’t tell you which skill, but it’s likely the equivalent of either Mercurial or Gun Kata. Maybe @Ganjamira knows? Anyway, blue rarity class mods always boost two skills in a character’s skill tree, so if you pop open your inventory and go to the skill tab you should be able to figure it out.

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The obvious answer is equip it and look on your skill trees tab to see what’s being boosted.

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So the Blademaster class mod can boost three different skills

  • Clarity of Purpose (I’m gonna take a wild swing and say Klarheit is Clarity in German)
  • Mercurial
  • Gun Kata

Quick google translate tells me that Wechselhaft means changeable, which is also what Mercurial means (in english), so I’m pretty sure the second skill this COM boosts is Mercurial.

Mercurial is a Skill that gives Athena Damage Resistance and Movement Speed after killing an enemy (It Looks like a High Heeled Shoe on the Skill Tree)

Hope that Helps :blush:

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That´s it! The german translation is…a bit weird, I played it in german & english.

+2 on “Wechselhaft” should give you 2 additional skillpoints on “Wechselhaft” / in english “Mercurial”.

(Mercurial - Killskill - killing an anemy grants additional movementspeed + damage resistance for a few seconds.)

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ty duds ^^ ok…and ty !!!