2 skins 1 taunt per character in crates?

Just wondering. So far that’s what I’m getting. Can anyone else confirm?

3 skins 2 taunts, plus bonus gold and cyber skins.

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For crates?


What crates are we talking about?

I have all the gold and cyber skins from pre-order and other stuff.

Loot crates

The faction packs that cost like 1900? Or the command ones you get for leveling your command to certain levels?


Faction packs have two gear items in them with a chance to have a skin or a taunt for a character in that faction.

Oh you’re asking how many skins/taunts total you can get per character? I think it is 3 skins and two taunts.

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Ok that’s what I wanted to know

So far it’s three skins and two taunts available in the loot packs for every character

Does that include cyber and gold skins?

There are at least 3 other skins and I’ve seen two taunts for Rath so I’m guessing other characters have 2 more too.

No it doesn’t, unfortunately
Golden skins will be given away in possibly community events or SHiFT codes over time. I don’t know about the cyber skins. Hell I don’t even have the first set they released, due to getting a physical copy. Perhaps those will be added in the loot pool later. There will also be “tier 2” skins added into the game with the release of Alani; they’ll most likely be added in the loot packs too

I wish gearbox would release a list of all skins and taunts like overwatch did. I’m not try a say overwatch is better or blah blah. Just saying it’s nice they did that Cuz it keeps me interested

That’s what the community’s here for, friend