2 Suggestions, Auto run and world map north lock

I just came from Division 2 back to the borderlands universe. With all this quarantine stuff I find myself playing games more often than normal. I play almost exclusively on PC unless its a PS4 exclusive and most of these shooter type games I use a keyboard for just because its much easier. I find myself now in pain from holding down W all the time between Division 2 and now BL3. At least in division I could press X to auto run, and the toggle sprint does help in this game I’ll admit. I’ve tried making macros for auto run but can’t find something I like. I was hoping that there would be a binding added for this so that we can auto run as a separate toggle key that stops when you press W or S or the key itself again.

Also I know this is beating a dead horse which is funny because it should have been implemented in BL2 then BL2 pre-sequel and now we’re in 2020 in BL3 where the world map still won’t lock to north. Columbus was able to master this in 1492 and many other explorers had already figured out this is necessary centuries before him. I don’t think I’ve ever played a game where this wasn’t at least an option. With that said can we please just have the world map lock in the north position and not inconsistently rotate with the characters direction?

But… this is in the options.

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Options > Gameplay > “Minimap Rotation”
I assume you’re referring to this which is not what I’m referring to.

Auto run must be a real PC gripe. To auto run on a controller you only have to have a rested grip with your thumb applied to the analog stick.

I really don’t know how you guys play with out the rumble feedback. I’d be curious to try K&M but I feel y’all missing out. The ability to feel the game, every movement, shot, bump, you name it.

Get Dualshock 4 for Windows, get some rumble in yo lyf

Oh yeah I just saw where it says world map. My bad.

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I never really found rumble that immersive tbh. Maybe if I was sitting in a chair that vibrated yes. When I drive a car I feel vibrations not just in the wheel for example. I’m not sure how you can aim with an analog shudders

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It doesn’t affect aim, we console plebs use aim assist :smiley:

ADS snap to target

I’ll keep my opinion to myself about aim assist. Its interesting that in games like Division that the diversity between console and PC is so diverse that you prioritize headshot damage higher on PC than console, I don’t think explaining is necessary though.

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Ahh dude its fine, Im originally a PC FPS player, aim assist is rampant among console users we only have to be within 5 millimeters of the critical spot and upon aiming down the sights it will snap to the crit spot. Another way we aim is to keep the sights relatively centered and move into position with our directional control aka Aiming with your feet into iron sights snap to target.

Controller is a different beast
Iron Bear is total free aim however

While I agree that a controller is much more ergonomic (especially the xbox elite controller) as well as providing a better peripheral for games such as Darksouls (apart from bow aiming). Its clear that its not a great peripheral for any shooter game. If a handicap is needed to provide a relatively close experience to someone with a mouse and keyboard then its pretty obvious. I’m not hating on console gamers though, I’m considering pulling out my xbox elite controller to casually play this for my hand’s sake.

K&M will always be superior Ive seen some pree adept analog stick free aimers but there’s no comparison. With a mouse I could crit all day. The controller is very fun but no competition shooter device thats for sure

Eh, even then it’s an issue I feel. I play with a controller and the game for me LOVES to consider me as no longer pushing the stick in while mid run, so I stop and begin walking again at the most inopportune times.

I have always found vibration on controllers to be very distracting. Not to mention it kills battery life IMO.

Yeah I don’t even notice it but I have heard folks say that. Its all meshed together in my case. I can play an entire day and if you ask me if the controller vibrated I’d say I can’t recall lol. Its meshed into the experience as a whole for me. Onscreen explosion and rumble from it are one thing to me - effects