+2 Team Find Rare Items

+2 what? Percent? Does anyone know exactly how much it improves drop rates? I seem to be getting more Legendary world drops and better items in the vending machines but I’m not sure how much my class mod helps.

There is no noticeable change in drops unfortunately, even when modded to ridiculously high numbers

Strange, me and a friend were both using Catalyst mods that had the +2 on them and it really felt like we found better quality weapons and gear. Guess I was imagining it :cry:

This post in particular gives some pretty strong numbers on the matter if you’re curious. The rest of the topic is also very interesting overall.

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Ok after reading all 109 posts I’ve come to the conclusion that it does VERY little, however the percentages without the FRI are so small I believe every little bit helps. I think I’ll continue to use it.

Thanks @BlackHeartV for directing me to that very informative thread.

Edit: also thank you @MeltintheSun for creating the very informative thread and doing all the testing/research into the matter. People like you are the reason I love the Gearbox forums.


Someone should make a “patch” that changes the text from ‘±numerical value- find rare items’ to ‘±numerical value- placebo effect’ cause that all it seems to do pretty much.
Yes I’m ~16h late to the discussion but whatever.

Curious which percentages you’re calling small…you mean % of total for the really rare parts?

As I said in that thread, it certainly won’t hurt to use it, and will get you a few more shields/coms/grenades if you’re using Mordy.

I use it in my Catalyst mod, got some good weapons for my chars (Roland and Lilith)