2 things Gbox can do right now to save Story mode

note: Still a fan

There are too many areas of Story mode now. Very hard to find players.

  1. Give us a button: Find players in any Story mode

Next, we know the Gbox devs experiment with bots.
OK, they’re not polished bots, but still they would be fun in Story mode when you can’t find players.

  1. Let us have bots in Story mode.

These two things are doable right now and would make Story mode so much gooder.


I do think they should be a slightly more streamlined mm for PvE, seems easier than a tweak PvP too.

Also, rather than adding bots, I think they should let us set the player difficulty in private. You could make it a really hard solo run or an incredibly easy 5 man run to just farm lore challenges, although drop rates and what not would need to be adjusted, I think

agree it needs bots that backfill when players leave and when players can’t be found

they already have bots and matchmaking takes forever waiting for real players, just throw in the towel and start filing pvp and story with bots instead of punishing the purchasers and players for the game not being successful

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I think this could be especially good in those story missions where a character acts as though they are there fighting with you, even though they are nowhere to be seen. In “Toby’s Friendship Raid”, for instance. Phoebe, ISAC and Pendles all talk as though they are personally fighting the boss character, but none of them are there. Even if you play one of those characters in their particular mission, they still aren’t the ones doing the talking. I think it would really help if ISAC actually spoke his lines from the players character if it was his part of the mission. Right now there’s just a huge disconnect as some other ISAC talks while my ISAC remains silent.

Anyway, I think it would really help immersion.

I do thinkstory mode needs a tweak because after 100% the OPs and how good they are - going back to theregular story mode feels like a chore

But off te top of my head there are 2 reasons why youdont want bots in PVP that you may beforgetting about

  1. Lives. Whether inregular mode the bots will obviously die and take your lives away. Then in hardcore they will basically be alive for a bit then die and you are atuck right back at solo mission

"But just make the bots not waste lives!"
You may say. But then it is a invincible bot? Easy way to cheese anything. Just sit back and let the bots handle everything if they can infinitely respawn like in PVP

  1. Gear
    I dont believe bots are equipped with gear. Anybody in there right mind has regen gear in Public PVE as not to burden the other players or hoefully you got in a match with a healer. So say you match up with bots. You are Miko and want to heal them. But without gear they are weak as hell and you will basically be healing them with Miko as they whiff away forever running into things and trying to keep they stupid ass alive. But with so little damage they do, since no gear, you will ne there a while as they try and defeat an enemy. let us not even talk about bots doing something specific in certain fights like ISIC fight

So they are a damage sponge and wont really be helping

I have other examples where bots wont really work in PVE but i cant think hard enough to write them down in a good manner

Oh and lore completion. Will it count if we can use bots? It doesnt work in private PVP

Why should it work in private PVE with bots?
Because if it does work with bots then I can gladly give the middle finger to Gearbox for not allowing lore completion with PVP bots. So either they dont allow bot lore in bot PVE or they go back and reverse it for PVP like it should have been in the first place

That is all I have so far

Bot is unfortunately a more terrible idea than a good one. It will get stuck, steal kill or be useless, it will be bugged, always or never dies. Anything but humanlike

Custom difficulty is a great idea. Reward à-la Ops could be interesting too.

I think this a good idea. When picking your public March, allow you to pick max number of players. Then if humans can’t fill then fill with bots. Seems easy enough.

As for survivability and lives. Easy, they don’t have a rez timer like humans. They stay dead until a player revives them.

Some issues that would make this difficult. First is pathing and where to go. This would include jumping parts and trap levels. Another one is bot vs player spacing. Prevent them from wandering off or barreling forward in suicide charges. I’m curious if a invisible tether system to keep them close (ish) by.

Why I think this would be fun. One is being in a commander type role, similar to mass effect. Second is the increased difficulty. Sure having a straight option for 1-5man difficulty option for solo runs could be a thing. But a couple extra guns even if they are “lacking” would add to the game play experience.

Of course this is all with my assumption that developing the AI of the bots is not a huge project. I honestly don’t know, I’m just comparing it to other games. And could quite possibly under estimating the undertaking it would take.

In the end, this is still a fantastic game and I appreciate the chance to offer suggestions.

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If I had to choose either play with bots or play alone - I would play alone all the time. It’s not Brothers in Arms game or smth like that. It’s much harder to program the bots to do stuff in this game. Imagine the situation on Void’s Edge mission where you need 2 players (if you are not playing solo) to activate a pad at the start of the mission. How a bot will know that you want him to stand there and not move for 4-5 seconds? (ok, maybe they could lock them in there if you ping at the pad, but still). How bots would defend on the missions like Saboteur or Experiment or survive on Heliophage? I would rage quit ^^.

Playing with bots in story mode would be like playing with new players that have never played a computer game before.

The only issue I see with having bots in PvE, is that if the game tries to fill in spots so that there’s a full party, it could make the difficulty much harder for players (as any regular 5 man group would). I’m not saying you shouldn’t expect it to be harder…But how much faith do you really put in bots when playing The Heliophage with a full team?

Maybe allow the player(s) to determine how many should fill missing roles.

Bingo. It is a huge project.

I would agree, if the bots were alot smarter than they actually are.
Then again, I like(d) to solo every piece of PvE content the game has.

Although I do think, and cannot push it enough, that our progress should be stored locally. I rather not think about what would happen if the servers indeed close down.

I’m out of likes, but I do agree with you, PN, except for that I fully expect the servers to be shut down sooner than what we’d like. I’m just hoping we’ll get an offline PVE/private PVP mode when they do.


just add a server browser and be done with it, also with the low population anyway, there might as well be a server browser for PvP too

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Here’s an alternative: Create a Lobby, inside the game, where Players can meet, organize in to groups, and queue from there.

The whole auto matchmaking thing makes sense when you’re the size of Blizzard, but not when your player population is smaller than the crowd at Shenanigans on a Friday night.

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I completely agree with whoever said going solo vs having bots would be preferable. Bots suck sooooooooo bad in pvp I can only imagine this level of stupidity they would have in PvE. (The Archive mission is especially cringe-worthy)

In the light of mentioning going solo however, I think there should be a setting to only start the mission with a minimum number of players (for this example, let’s say 3.) I would choose a setting to only start games as long as the game had at 3+ people. I can’t count the number of times I have to quickly back out of matchmaking before it solo queues me into a public game. (If I had wanted to solo queue, I would have played a private game)

I do think that there should also be an option (like there is in a few games) to join in on a mission partway through (and have a setting to disable midmission joining, if it wasn’t preferred). Basically, in each level, make a waypoint that players can join in until that waypoint is reached. This could be one solution to people leaving early.

…I need bots right now, dead Friday night and Ambra is helping Toby. :wink: