2 weeks without battleborn and a smurf account

Hello dear fellow players!

The last two weeks i took vacations to visit my father and help him out a bit with his apartament and meet his gf. I took a bus for 9hrs full of sick ppl.

My dad don’t use a lot of technology so he had (this time) the cheapest wifi 2mb but as he lives in a small city the real speed is bellow 1mb.

The first weekend i fell sick, doctors seems to took vacations that weekend, my glasses broke and i had a rly hard time trying to drink water in hot weather.

As my situation made me stay in bed i decided to watch streamers of battleborn. I need to say… Good players are mean/unrespectful persons, avarage players like to have fun and are willing to try anything to improve. Lots of drama in those streams, you will never know who is hearing all your bsht.

Lucky enough an old friend visited me and brought his ps4 and left it for a couple of days. I bought battleborn and downloaded it, by the night i could play the prologue, i played it probably 4-5 times before i felt something wierd in my right eye.

Next day i couldn’t open my right eye, it was sealed with crust (i dont know if that is the right word). I made a doctor apointment for that day, while waiting i decide to play a bit battleborn.

Quickmatch Matchmaking worked like a charm, just a couple of high lvl but casuals. We lost some, won some, nothing close to a pubstomp.

I felt pretty noob playing with one eye without glasses, but i did well and had fun. Increased my cr from 1 to 20, had for some reason i had unlocked phoebe lore legendary and lvl 15 skin and one skill damage legendary. Had bad luck with lootpacks got crap, low stats with awfull downsides.

After my apointment and feeling better i decided to try incursion. I met a lot of well known players, it doesnt matter of you are playing without your main or gear or character composition. Everyone hunt kills to make an easier push. Cant blame anyone for that, exept a team who used ghalt, galilea, benedict, kid ultra to fish players and never push the sentry, i decided to stay and learn something. I learned how heart breaking this ■■■■ can be for new players.

I sent some msgs complimenting some players for their amazing support, kills or setups. All of them took it nicely and told me a bit of their experience playing bb.

Matchmaking works in quick match, not so much in incursion.
There are a lot of new players.
Gear brings a small advantage only when they add cc or inmunity.


…Hoping for the best, you and yours. Very sad to see all that but I did enjoy the read.
You are pointing out something that we should always do, reward good gaming behavior.

I remember one of the people here in this forum screaming at me for the way I was playing Alani.
That was the week Alani was released, the first 5 minutes I played her.
Only mentioning that to show how ugly it can be to shout at players, and how beautiful it can be to reward them. :acmaffirmative:


I remember one time playing on my friends account whilst he did something, who was almost new to the game and had little amounts of gear (rank 12 maybe). I used Galilea but obviously had no mutations or anything. I managed to match up with a player I know, and was against high ranked players. It was so obvious that they were targeting me since they knew I was level 12, but I absolutely tore them up and probably taught them a lesson. I messaged my teammate after the game, telling him it’s me on another account, and he just laughed and said “I knew there was something up with a level 12 doing that” :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically what I’m getting out of this is that it was so clear how much people target low level players, I would get ganged up on by 2 or 3 at a time… still couldn’t kill me though :stuck_out_tongue:

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I tried galilea, without pull she is not so threatening.

Oh with lag i had a bad time with benedic, toby and marquis!! I had ghost bullets… You fire, spend amo but nothing gets out.

Im glad gbx decided to unlock all battleborns, some are tough to play without mutations… Like ambra, i did such a poor job trying to keep everyone alive without solar ritual mutation.

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So do you EAT smurfs, or turn them into gold bars?

I swear, NO ONE can give me a for-sure answer on this!



A Smurf Blue me once.


I truly hope you feel better soon!


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9hrs on a bus with sick people PROBABLY , just maybe, MIGHT have gotten you sick.

Hope you get better buddy. T^T

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