2 Xboxes on same network can't play together and timeout

The g/f and I each have an XBox, same network. Both reporting open NAT both in XBox and BB.
We both start the game, doesn’t matter which one turns on XBox or BB first (which means not UPnP or port mapping issue).
Start the game, either she joins me or I join her, doesn’t matter. Start private match or public match, and one of us ends up timing out.
Quit and restart BB (from xbox menu) sometimes we can get 1 game in.

What I’ve found, The player that gets the timeout needs to restart their BB. Then join up again when it loads, start the match, the first player that didn’t get the timeout now gets the timeout. Second timeout player restarts BB, rejoins First timeout player, now a match can be played. If we’re lucky, we can play 2 in a row without doing this dance again.

This may sound stupid, but did you name both the devices something different?

Yup, 2 different device names. I’ll double check, but my DNS server says they are 2 different names.

I run a very similar setup. What ends up happening for me is that my Xbox stays as an Open NAT type, but my wife whos connected to the same router has a Moderate connection. We seem to have no issues other then me sometimes being the leader.

Now I was strict on both when it was released and to fix that I had to do a full shutdown on both xbox’s (hold the power button down till it shuts off) then go to my modem & router and unplug them for about 1 min.

Then plug the modem and router back in wait for your network to boot which takes a min or two. Turn the xboxs back on and then at least your Xbox should be OPEN NAT.

Hope this helps.

PS. I have gameshare between our accounts.

Yeah, what you’re actually doing, maybe without realizing it, is forcing the XBoxes to refresh their UPnP entries in the router. When the xbox first boots, it sends a uPnP broadcast request and the router responds and opens the port both directions for that xbox, which the xbox then connects out to microsoft/game servers/etc saying “Talk to me on this port”.

What happens though is microsoft did a poor job of their uPnP implementation. When the xbox first boots, it does the broadcast and everything is happy. When it goes into low power mode (default off state) and comes back to life, it ASSUMES that it still has the same UPnP port open and just attempts communication on it without actually requesting it. All XBoxes request default ports first, then start requesting random ports if the defaults aren’t available.

So with that, when multiple Xboxes behind the same router with UPnP are turned on and off (low power off) at random times, things get confused on the network because of MS’s poor implementation, and you end up with that whole strict/moderate NAT problem. Fully rebooting router and xboxes forces everything to refresh/request and things are happy again. We fixed this by changing our XBoxes to fully shut down instead of low power so they always do proper UPnP requests, downside is no background updates, but fast internet makes it bearable.

There, network lesson for the day :slight_smile:

But yeah, NAT isn’t the problem. Thanks for the suggestion though.

So DNS lied, XBoxes were the same name, however, after changing them, no dice. :confused: