20% action skill time reduction (increase) question

Hey everyone, I was wondering if there has been any discussions on the Bld 3 board here that explains how to best take advantage of an anointment of 20% action skill reduction (increase) on a shield.

I understand the reduction from the (increase) but how does this work with guardian rank reduction and or other reductions on a fl4k build I have been trying to make viable build for the M4 take down. If you decide to give me a formula please show an example with numbers from other boosts included in a likely scenario. Thanks :acmaffirmative: :boom:

Transformer with reduction (increase) anointment

I’m not a Fl4k player so I can’t really give a Fl4k example. However cooldown in Bl3 is calculated as

Cooldown = base / (1+cdr boosts)

Base is the cooldown time listed when you select the Action skill. cdr boosts are all the cooldown rate boosts you get added together.

So if you had 10% from Guardia Rank and 30% from skills then cdr = 10%+30% = 40%, any other cooldown rate boosts can also just be added to the 40%.

As with all other Borderlands math when you plug a percentage into the formula use the decimal form so 40%=0.4

So if we have a 24 second cooldown and 40% from cooldown boosts:

Cooldown = base / (1+cdr boosts)
Cooldown = 24 / (1+0.4) =17.14

That particular anoint isn’t very good so there hasn’t been discussion around it. It’s also a pain to include in calculations as it doesn’t apply the whole time you’re on cooldown. If I where you I’d just pretend it applies the whole time and just know the actual time will be slightly less.

I’ve covered another cooldown example here, it’s not directly Fl4k related however all the same principles apply.

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Thanks for the reply… great info!

For fl4k the fade away state is the most survivable state. As we all know about fl4k’s glass canon tendencies (like dropping an iPhone). I had a goal of trying to see how long fl4k can stay in fade away and the shortest times in between. Probably just need to put it on and set a stopwatch but it is nice to know how it works so I can be realistic in seeing if it is doable. :acmsmile: :boom:

From what I’ve observed of the Flak Meta from afar the most efficient way to accomplish your goal is to pair a Brainstormer, Headcount and Megavore.

Headcount is amazing for cooldowns, it doesn’t work quite like cdr boosts but is in many ways more effective.

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Exactamundo! :acmaffirmative:

Has anyone figured out what for a short time on these cards is yet! .00005 maybe :acmquaint: :boom:

These days we build Zane to keep those skills up 100% or close, so for me personally a cooldown perk is a wasted perk, i would rather have my Transformer with the +25% on throw, or the ASE +50% to cryo - Flak and Moze i have no clue. Maybe the cooldown is important for them. I actually haven’t played those toons yet

25% extra damage on grenade throw can spawn on shields ?

, no the one i am thinking about is the transformer that boosts dam , fire-rate, and a slew of DPS related things. At work right now, so going off memory. I use that and the recurring hex with on throw 25% more dam. Since zane throws grenades constantly that is a permanent 25% dam boost even thought it last only 6 seconds.

Stat in GR is cooldown reduction, it’s a different stat that cooldown rate.

The wording might be different but it’s not handled differently under the hood. When @twoPIZZA did the timing for the Moze Cooldown guide we worked with it as we had to factor in his guardian rank for all calculations. That testing was done with frame counting so I trust its accuracy.


To weigh in; in the brief time I’ve used 3 shot fade away, my cooldowns were within 7 - 12 secconds - more often than not i was back to invisibility before “not my circus” 's taunt was over - this was only using a maggie without being specced for megavore

  • however much this anointed reduction is; gets greatly reduced each time headcount is procced; so fl4k would be better off with other damage annoints IMO
  • mathematically speaking; if it did last for the whole time, not including megavore; would be just over 6 secconds; as its most likely active for 12 secconds - we’ll see maybe 2-3. Then add in topped off, nearly 1 seccond? (Of reduction)