20% buffs and nerfs seem a bit ridiculous IMHO

Couple the pretty massive buffs and nerfs with the storage issue and you have a real problem. You literally have no idea if a good weapon will be good from week to week at this freaking rate man. 20% is a huge number. Also combine this with this games dumb reliance on world drops means that you practically HAVE to hold onto guns since they could be much, much more powerful in a weeks time. Somethings need nerfed like the pipebomb, that I get, but drastically changing weapons every single week is setting a precedent i’m not sure I like tbh. This is an RPG not an online MP FPS game, not everything needs to be balanced to a T.


Yup i love the game but i’m pretty tired of these weekly ‘‘fixes’’ that are more 90% nerfs and 10% fix…


Yea like I said, you mix the constant GIANT changes to weapons and the lack of storage without using mules and you sorta get this very odd system that is super annoying. Especially since you can’t really spot farm for anything specific in 80% of the gear pool because they’ve made most things a world drop like something stupid :confused: also they keep decreasing the drop rates on the world drops too furthering the fun lol

This latest change included more buffs than nerfs.

The game has been out 2 weeks, There was a much needed hotfix and a post launch patch. For all you new people, gearbox isn’t going to run a balance patch every week. It’ll be more like every 6 months to a year. Calm down.

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This only shows how unbalanced it was before. TBH the changes could be even more drastic and some weapons would STILL be bad (who even uses Atlas?!). Why even bother having so many weapons in the game when most of them are simply garbage?

The more stuff is actually good and viable, the more choice we have. Balance is good, and we should be happy than Gearbox seems to care this time.


They killed 2 weapons with the hotfix, how exactly did they improve the level of choice now?


Doesn’t matter how much, a single nerf can outweight all buffs.


Doesn’t matter how much but it only can not will? That doesn’t make sense. And why does the number not matter, would a 1% nerf ruin the strongest gun in the game? Seems unlikely.
The numbers matter. Losing 10% damage isn’t going to cripple a gun unless it was already bad.

First off - I doubt any weapon has been killed. Some weapons were simply to strong. Why would you even play with certain weapons if other are simply superior in every way? It’s absolutely logical to nerf the few stronger ones to be in line with the rest. The game is easy enough as it is and we don’t need powercreep to balance that out by buffing everything to the level of the top.

I assume you say The Kings Call was one of those weapons?
Also, I just tested the King Call that has been “killed”.
It was OP and deserved that nerf. tbh.

I can STILL not think of a better weapon for killing Graveward as Amara. He still dies before the green balls are able to hit me (assuming no advantage/disadvantage modifiers). It is slower than before but still my weapon of choice for Graveward. Nothing changed.

They noted that they want to balance the weapons out so there is a big variety of what would be viable to play with.

I’m all for it as that means I don’t feel forced to play ‘meta’

Spent a few hundred hours on BL2 only going one build with a pirate smg because it was the strongest.

A game with billions of possible good guns where only a few are great takes the fun out of things.

Let them buff/nerf things and find a different good gun :slight_smile:

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Dam Son. I’ve NEVER seen a board be filled with SO many entitled people LMFAO.

Jesus Christ, son, calm down. It’s a gun in a vidya game, not the end of the world. Besides, those weapons still destroy things. You can use w/e you want in this game and be fine. People just cry foul as if the world is ending with a little damage is shaved off an OP gun.

People were mad here and on YouTube SCREAMING about the Pipe bomb being nerfed…IT LITERALLY ONE SHOTS BOSSES LOL! It NEEDED it, “Oh my god! Gearbox doesn’t want me to have fun!” The biggest crybabies I have ever seen in a videogame community.

The guns still kill very effectively.

“Who even uses atlas?” LOL what are you on? Atlas guns are amazingly good… Their legendaries are even better! Like…what? You put a tracker on their dome, instant crits with an aimbot… yeah it’s real weak buddy…

Torgue Stickies are worthless! Yeah… okay, even though I can one shot most mobs with a set of stickies in them even though they “nerfed them”.

Some of you people need a reality check, for real. “Oh my god, Flak is totally garbage now!” Errrr… he could melt bosses in seconds… that’s NOT okay. Bosses need to be hard fights to kill, not insta-kills by some broken ass build.

Nerfs are just as necessary as buffs. Everything here was totally justified.


Yeah but you can’t down him in 5 second any more…

Fl4K gets shot through invisibility. he also has health regeneration, and that spretty much all for survivability.

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Hopefully Atlas will be good after the +25% dmg buff but I won’t be using them anyway most likely anyway. I’m still super happy Gearbox cares for balance, the nerfed guns and buffed guns actually deserved it.

Should I be able to melt a Boss on the highest difficulty in that time anyway? I don’t think so.
And Graveward died way faster than that, a Graveward kill in 2 sec was totally possible pre-patch.
Like I said, I STILL kill Graveward before he is able to attack after the nerf with neutral modifiers. That is plenty fast tbh. I guess I’ll have to time it.

What manufacturers got nerfed / buffed?

I think they are talking about the torge nerf and Atlas getting a buff. Could be wrong but thems the only ones I can think of. He might be talking about the buff to sniper also.

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@x440to220x thank you for your kind replies in both threads! tips hat

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Amen brother. *I’m talking to you Elderscrolls.

In game design it’s better to change things drastically than subtly because if you change it a crapton you can more clearly see the impact of the changes whereas if you only change it slightly then it’s harder to see how much that impacts the game. If they see it start to suddenly underperform then they know to buff it 10% to find the right middle point. Obviously there are exceptions, but this is the more efficient way to balance games believe it or not.

Game is less than a month old. Give it time.