20 mins to find a moba match and wait again

Anytime day / night
Lost more then won (30 wins out of 70 i think)
Queing as a duo.

Are aussies on a different server 'cause its been average hour + ques last few days and its really disappointing cause i love this game so much

Yeah I don’t know what anyone is talking about. I’m on PC and all my matches start within a couple of minutes, it was way worse in the open beta.

Texas(Don’t hate. It’s the gearbox state :wink: )
Mostly always 8am to 4pm
Tell Korri to stop playing overwatch.

I have similar problems. Takes a horrendous amount of time to find a game. In my “career” stats it’s listed that I have 82:01 hours played,whereas my Steam stats show 153 hours- I never leave the game open when I’m not actively looking for a game,so that means that I spent 71 hours waiting in queues,so it’s almost as much time as I’ve spent playing actual matches.

also, “player left due to matchmaking error” error is still there.

Platform: PC
Country: Poland
Time: any time of the day,tried in the morning,late afternoon,evening and at night. The most success I get is in around 22:00 GMT but then it still takes over 10 minutes to find a match.
Mode: Incursion
Win rate: overall: 66%,132 wins on Incursion.
Queuing: Solo

One thing that bothers me is that the game lists my NAT type as “Average” even when I turn off all my firewalls. I think that might be the problem.

Had a similar problem with Rainbow six: Siege- the game wouldn’t recognize the NAT type as open,even when all ports were enabled for it in my firewall. I turned off the firewall,my NAT type changed to “open” and I got games instantly.(although now I play R6S on “average” NAT and still get games fast.)

please do something about it, not being able to play the game is the most horrible “experience” one can get.

just as an example: I’ve been looking for a match before I started writing this post. Still in queue(posted 12 minutes ago). Found 4 other players a couple times,but after a while someone left and it’s back to square one.

I judt had a similar thought … maybe this is an issue of forwarding some additional ports that the game requires on PC?

I play only on PC and generally only do Incursion or Story modes. I have never had a queue, even at 1-2AM CST, take more than 2-3 minutes.

Really don’t know what/where you guys are that you’re getting these times.

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I never got these times ever it happened literally once and since that day it’s continued. I’m thinking it’s based on ranking not level

I’ve been hitting some long queues since yesterday so I guess I’ll drop in and share my info:

Platform you are playing on? PC
Where are you playing from? Canada
What times are you having problems? Seems to be all day for me, but it’s very random. I can get into a match in 1-2 minutes, then the next will take 30.
What mode you are experience long waits for? Meltdown & Incursion, I don’t play Capture.
What’s your current win / rate in that mode? Hard to tell, all I can see are the matches won, not the matches played. I have played a total of 220 match. 51 Incursion wins. 81 meltdown wins. 4 Capture wins.
Are you solo queueing or group queueing? The problem seems to happen more often when queued with a few people. Solo or a full group seems to take less time.

At one point yesterday, I was solos queuing and ended up with 2 groups of 2. We waited 15-20 mins and never found opponents, so one of the groups gave up and left. I was immediately put back into a full group.

I hope this helps! :smiley:

Yes i do
the matchmaker work on this time …
I’m french guy’s and i dont speak a very good english. sorry for that.
i play on PC (GTX 765M …)
The matchmaker suxx on moba map only, solo player.
I play in france :slight_smile: and on hight speed internet
i have no problem for the another game online. Heros of the storm, smite and others…
Battleborn say i have a NAT moderate (
i dont know my winrate lost/win on battleborn.

for your respond and this time, the matchmaker run and dont find, again.

10 mins waiting, again. Read the thread here, a write this.
I often have this problem
see you

P.S : 65 played 19 win
Sometime, one guy into my team, he wait 5 mins and leave. (i have a little time, 15 mins waiting now)
screenshot incoming to proove it

05/25/2016 6:47 pm

05/25/2016 7:02 pm

05/25/2016 7:03 pm

05/25/2016 7:05 pm

05/25/2016 7:07 pm
I leave for post the screens.

6:47 => 7:02 nobody. 2 guy’s into my team, but he leave after 5 mins.

Looks like for me it’s the same everyday, yesterday i’ve waited an other hour to find a game
Platform : PC
Country : Belgium
When : I usually play (a bit too late) around 0h00 and 4h00 AM CEST
Gamemode : Incursion and Meltdown
Winrate : Around 70% (190 played/130 win)
Queueing : Solo and sometimes Duo

I think we can probably assume by now that most complaints about queue times are coming from Europeans playing at times that are definitely not in favor of US timezones. I’m guessing most of BB’s sales came from US at this point.

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Right now, queue times are generally the by-product of two things: Lower population regions or extremes in your skill rating (very high or very low ELO).

These details are helpful in helping validate data we’re seeing or to diagnose specific problems.

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I am suffering a 30 minute + queues depending. It seems that there is only a pool of about 15~ players it will place me with so if one game is going i have to wait for it to end. Platform is PC, playing from Texas, problems at all times, game mode is meltdown, though other maps are slow just not as slow, win rate is 70% it occurs more the fewer people i have.

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Good information, thank you. This is validation of a problem we’re working through right now. I’m hoping to make your life better.

Same here, just to make volume. Playing daily, any time and barely waiting 2min for matches.

Is some better tonight, 1 game to waiting 15 mins to find. And 2 games 5/10 mins to the matchmaking.

PC / Europe
playing at peak times for eu, mainly later in the afternoon 'til 10 pm.
I have a high win ratio on incursion and generally high matchmaking times when I queue solo. 10+ mins.
But it’s so much faster when I group up with 1-2 friends, I don’t know their approx winrates tho.

I know there has been an outcry about matchmaking, but having to wait extremely long for a game to start is worse than being matched against (slightly) weaker or stronger enemies. Sometimes the wait is much longer than the actual game time.

altho I play mostly incursion, meltdown and capture have similar wait times for me and the grouping-effect still makes everything faster.

perhaps you find a middle-way between matchmaking from release and the actual situation.

this morning, 11h30 / 11h48 am, the matchmaker dont work… again’s 20 mins to NO find a team and ennemies.

my break job is under attack !!!

30 mins soon… i have no time to wait again…

12h05 pm team completed but no ennemies.

Type moba game
country france
wait 11h30 / 12/15 am-pm (45 mins)

and now all team are completed but the game dont start (2mins waiting)… so LOOOOOOL…
message pop sent on battleborn : -“Atonement server. looking for a new server”

the guys leave and me too. not time to wainting again.

Playing from the Netherlands. 50-50 win/loss rate, level 51. No matter what time I play, I have to wait at least 10 minutes and it’s getting worse every day. It’s up to the point I’m trying 1 game and if it takes more than 15 minutes, I am off. Worst thing is that I wait for 15 minutes, and than play a game that is forfeited within 5 minutes. Since I usually only have time for 1-1,5 hours of gaming a day, this game is getting a bit useless.

It was better by the way. I played the open beta and matchmaking was fine. Also, the first week or two after launch matchmaking only took 1 minute. I don’t know what happened, but for players like me, Gearbox MUST fix this within a week, or I’m reselling my game.

I feel that Euro-players are not being taken seriously at the moment. I don’t believe that there are only 50 players online or something, so there is something wrong. Sure, we probably will recieve a code for a loot pack, but I don’t want that. I want to play Battleborn.

I really hope a fix will come this week. As you can understand, it’s not worth playing when the effective playing time is 15-20 mins an hour.