200% ASA Stop bugged?

Is there 200% ASA annoint still bugged so that it doesn’t work if you swap to it and only works if you start it up with the gun in hand?

Also if it’s still bugged, are there open tickets? Id very much like to see it fixed

i think it’s supposed to work that way…

sucks for zane though… (they should just buff the drone anointment a bit to compensate)

but anointments made this game a balancing craphole…

My guess is that’s intended behavior. Most anoints will stop working when swapping weapons. ASE, next 2 mags, while AB active. I think Zane’s SNTL/Cryo is one of the few/only that will keep working when swapping weapons. Not sure about other character specific anoints.

I wish the 130% fire while auto bear is active annoint didn’t work this way.

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I have a M-10 Light Show with the 200% ASA on Zane and it is quite good at wiping everything out, and the Clone also kills many things.
Anything that can have me kill an M-10 Ruiner in 3 mags is powerful enough for me.

I don’t think it does though. Otherwise it might as well be just on action skill end.

Some players, myself included, enjoy swapping weapons as part of our play. Otherwise, what’s the point of having four weapon slots?

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The reason is Zane‘S AS are usually always up so either you only use the Lightshow or you don’t get the benefits.

Guess I’m just lazy. If a gun is working I don’t swap during battle.
I’ll swap before to optimize for what’s ahead, but once the slugs start flying I tend to keep the same weapon active until I run out of ammo or end the fight.

Only time I didn’t do this was with Zer0 in BL2 since Fast Hands makes weapon swapping so fast.

With Zane I swap a lot between Lightshow to kill, Beacon to summon clone and Recursion to kill buddy systems, so this “no swapping or you lose the bonus” is a pain in the ass for me.


I’m constantly swapping weapons during fights, especially when running a build with some of the more balance/middle of the road weapons, rather than something that wipes everything out in a few hits. In this case, I’m constantly swapping to match elements to the enemy.

Unfortunately, the 200% while AS is active only works if you’re holding the weapon when the AS starts, and I believe that’s the intended behavior. It would be nice if you could swap to it - obviously, the “if SNTNL is active” does an appropriate check between swaps, so they clearly have functions in the code to handle checks during weapon swaps. That said, who knows how difficult it would be for them to make this code change.

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Yea, and with Moze I’m swapping all the time depending on how far away the enemies are. Using a Nukem at point blank range is great fun :rofl:

It depends. I have a 200 ASA Fire Lightshow that I use on the ruiner and other one bar bosses. If a boss has more than one bar I will switch weapons and ASA is ok if it is on the first gun but not on the second for example. Also when I mob I switch guns all the time between the Soulrender as I close range, Redistributor At mid range to thin the herd and then a Lightshow to finish off at close range.

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because you’re stuck with that gun :wink:

change to an other weapon and you need to wait for your skills to stop and cooldown to end so you can use the anointment again :slight_smile:

that’s why i said they need to buff the drone anointment to get it in line with this one

though you’re right that it does wreck havoc though :smiley: it just sucks it doesn’t work after swapping (and most zane builds are about keeping your AS active as long as possible)

or does it refresh with swapping?

i don’t use my clone because most of the time i activate it when i have the wrong gun in hand and then i’m stuck with the clone and a subpar weapon for it to use (i use a maggie 90% of the time with zane and the clone isn’t ideal to use it)

for me it would be ideal if you could just put a weapon on the clone to use instead of having it use the one in hand (and having that anointment reactivate when swapping -> if it doesn’t do that allready)

quick example of how this would be best used

  • fight starts
  • swap to clone’s weapon and activate clone
  • swap to 200% ASA anointed weapon and activate drone
  • DO NOT SWAP WEAPONS AT ALL from there on out untill your drone is off cooldown.

if clone ends you need to repeat the above steps… wich can start to feel pretty overwelming and hence the reason why i don’t like using the clone and that anointment

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Under most circumstances, Drone already out performs. Asa 200 is just gun damage. Something a Seeing Dead Drone Zane has exuberant amounts of. Drone Cryo is a bonus element, sitting pretty close to the end of the formula.

Adding gun damage in to a stacked gun damage number is gonna give way less damage, not to mention utility, than a flat “hey. Let’s add in the whole number again, but also make it cryo!”


Smmantixbb, you always bring the smarts.


Cryo is always the best annoint for Drone Zane for just this reason. It is crazy how much that annointment changes a weapon but it is equally why any drone n dome build is relegated to farming to one of 55(?) annointments.

Drone Dome bores me so much :joy: I was telling someone earlier that if Clone Swap was Bonus Shock instead of Bonus Gun Damage, it would be interesting. Maybe not better than DroneSnow, but competitive enough that a Clone Drone Zane might keep both on hand