2015's awesomeness games schedule

So, 2015…it’s gonna be awesome!! Here are the games i’m getting way too excited about:-

Borderlands 2 (PS4) - Handsome Jack Collection
Battlefield Hardline (Heist Mode is epic fun)
Witcher 3
House of Wolves DLC - Destiny
Uncharted 4
Galak Z (arcade game)
No Man’s Sky
Star Wars Battlefront

What you looking forward too??

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Where is MGS5?

And Tomb Raider?

And Ratchet and Clank?

Meh havent seen anything good for 2015 so far.
Most games from recent years have been boring, rare seeing good games… Ill go back to my 7 y/o TF2 and 3 y/o Skyrim
I feel like a grumpy old man…

the division

(In no particular order)
MGS V (“Kept ya waitin’, huh?”)
Arkham Knight (The combat looks just be just as refined as the last games, and more Scarecrow, he’ll yeah!)
Borderlands: The Handsome Collection (Going to do a fresh playthrough for both BL2 and TPS with my bro and uncle.)
Destiny: House of Wolves DLC (New raid in the reef, regarding The Fallen, which is good since Crota’s End is a bit of a joke. We’re also finally getting a VoG gear update, at least for armor! prays for Fatebringer and Corrective Measure attack increase)
Star Wars: Battlefront (Been waiting way too long for a sequel)
(Hopefully) Metal Gear Rising 2 (That 2 supposedly wasn’t for MGR2, but Kojima displayed interest in doing a sequel, as well as meeting with Platinum as of December 2014.)

What he said

Splatoon, Xenoblade, Zelda and Star Fox
The four big games of the year.

Then Battlefront (don’t reskin battlefield please… don’t be stupid)
MGSV, no mans sky (that may be all hype doe since… we still know nothing)

oh yeah, Persona 5 and FFXV if that actually even comes out this year.
And whatever the new pokemon game is

I would put Division, but Ubisoft so… it’s probably going to be a mess.

@Mr_Sandman – Tomb Raider is PornBox timed exclusive…but when it arrives on PS4 I will, or maybe PC. Not sure about MGS yet, may wait on reviews. I enjoyed the 4th, but I may wait on it.

@wreckgar39 – gear update from VoG huh. Nice. I would love an upgraded Fatebringer, still my fav gun. Why don’t they just include another Hard mode for level 33 like Scrota and drop lvl32 everything…

@CaballoGallo – FFXV is one I will have to wait and see, I loved FFXIV so much I don’t want to get too excited yet. And your right about Ubisoft, they’ve F’d themselves in the Ahole this past year, and I’m very dubious about their stuff. Fingers crossed on The Division, looks good but will it be good.

They probably are going to, but it likely is not going to hit until House of Wolves, sadly. And level 33, maybe 34 VoG would likely be sufficient, as it does not need an artificial difficulty from being underleveled and vendor armor will get you to level 33 when HoW eventually hits some time in May.
I would be more worried about Hard Mode Crota’s End as it is going to be a complete joke once the new expansion hits unless they add a level 35 version. I mean, underleveled guardians can run most of it solo and Sunsinger Warlocks (possibly Titans too, needs more testing) can defeat Crota solo. What happens when a level 33 or 34 guardian strolls into HM CE, or an entire fireteam? People are going to beat the thing in less than 20 minutes, which has already happened with the current light level. People will run the raid faster than some people run the nightfall, weekly, or even a normal strike.
TL;DR: VoG is going to work out just fine, but CE is in a lot of trouble already, and it’s likely only going to get worse for it unless Bungie does something about it, though there is not much that can be done.

The Handsome Collection
The Legend of Zelda Wii U (I’m praying that it comes out this year.)

I’m nervous about this one. I love me some Battlefront, but I’m afraid EA is going to screw it up.

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i have a special place in my heart the uncharted series, and i will possibly have a bash in the new battlefront game.
also guys would you please check out my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9HxPcoHvrMq1BpGp6k2aPg

oh yea I forgot about the new Zelda, ma pockets they buuuurnnn…
So what is Splattoon btw, you talk about it a lot?
Battlefront will be bad, I just know it will… it makes me sad

@mik33dwards dont advertise your Youtube out of context, or at all, its just pathetic.

You don’t have to look far: Homeworld Remastered FTW! :grin:

The Witcher 3 is all I’m really looking forward too right now. I’ll get to play Rise of the Tomb Raider but I’m hoping it comes to PS4.

@AMG_75 – In some ways I think DICE & EA together is a very optimistic partnership. What I don’t like is the fact they are making it come out the same time as the new film…which could potentially lead to a catastrophe!! Fingers crossed.

@wreckgar39 – Well said. And yes, Scrotums End is a major f-up. 1 week into playing it then all CHEESEE broke loose. Then my group was soloing all the way to Crota. Screw that, I lost interest very soon. At least VoG was a good RAID even though it too had some cheesy glitch moments.

@daerksiea – Dude, I am very excited for Witcher 3. I didn’t play the first 2, but have played FFXIV and Dragon AI in the last year, and my new love of these games is growing. I hope it delivers, I really do. On that note will Elder Scrolls be good now they’ve had a year to iron out the problems…? (Edit) Oh yes, I loved Tomb Raider on the PS4, and was SOOO PISSSSSED off when I saw that Microsoft had shafted us for an exclusive. Damn shame. How much did they pay Square Enix for that, must have been pretty $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ig…

[quote=“DaRTH_FuRioN, post:15, topic:92615”] Fingers crossed.

I’m right there with you.

Sorry to sound like an elitist but the Witcher is a completely different beast. I know Dragon Age is one of my favorite games but the Witcher is just great. I would totally recommend you read the books and play the first two games. And about Rise, Tomb Raider was my game of the year for 2013… beating the Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite. I got the Gameinformer with the Siberia cover with the giant bear… and well I can say I’m really excited for it. I’ll play it first on the XBOne but I’ll buy it again for myself. It pisses me off but I’ll live with it. I heard Microsoft paid Crystal Dynamics a boat load of money. And because of these “shady dealings”, Capcom won’t have much to do with Microsoft, why Street Fighter V is for PS4 exclusive.

But trailer time!

Lara dealing with survivor’s guilt was expanded on more in the comic book series by Gail Simone. It was almost like DLC but on paper.

In no order here’s the games and DLC im waiting for:
Borderlands The Handsome Collection
Destiny HoW
Battlefield Hardline
Uncharted 4
Dead Island 2

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They didn’t though, it’s just getting released earlier on the One

Nintendos’ new IP, team based 4v4 shooter.
You play as Squid girls/boys and shoot ink everywhere so then you can transform into a squid to move faster.

this trailer doesn’t really sell it, it’s so much better when you see people actually play it.
It has different sets of weapons, clothes (shoes, hats (TWISTER IT HAS HATS) tops) which have buffs on them.