2016 Builds, me struggling being a psycho

Dear Psychos of Borderlands 2

i’m writing you in desprate need of advice.

I am one of those players who played monthes when BL2 was released. Back then i got lots of fun to the max with Gaige, Maya and Sal. Psycho came a bit later but i was already happy with what i had and didnt bother having a look at Krieg.

HOW EVER, time passed, a new console came (PS4) and withit the Handsome Collection engaged my BL2 fun time again! And finally i got to krieg.

Now… Playing krieg is fun, it’s diffrent and it needs some time to aquire some skill to actually play krieg (since he is just so diffrent).

I’m always the kind of guy who likes to have a look at google on builds / strategies / gear etc. As BL seems to have a solid fanbase, you quickly find your answer on “How to” for all characters. BUT not krieg! Why is that? I do not find solid (as in “many players agree” with the source) guides for krieg.

I am looking for a solid build for krieg. Preferably the “i’m so OP” build. Yes that’s right, i want to kill terra in let’s say less then 5 minutes again. But with krieg.

Now of course i’m not coming to you guys with just this. I’ve been trying diffrent builds and i have been reading a lot of forums and suggestions. How ever, none really works solid for me.

Now the best builds so far were the ones by Wingsday (The Volcano and the other one by Walkingfire (EXPLOSIONS!). Both are fun but yet i’m still struggling, a lot!

Regarding an Explosion (Explosive Fastball) build: Oh dear i just love it, really do! But i can’t really handle anything else the going psycho in pete’s bar. Pete’s Bar works just brilliant with bloodsploison all over! Awesome. I found my self giggeling while doing this (that’s somewhat unusual when i game).
But in reality when leaving Pete’s bar, world get cruel. Issues like: Mobs too far from each other, missing one grenade and get killed instantly, didn’t see that one guy behind me, that kills me now. Having to constantly use Grog to not die… Hell I’m sure i’m doing it wrong.
I would LOVE to keep running with an explosive build but at some point i give up to frustration.

Then on the Volcano Build: Fun! Took me a while to find out that spaming grenades is key to survive. Often when my quasar is used up it results in instant death. ALso my problem here is that really, i have to spam grenades and have the grog gun active, otherwise again, i die within seconds.

Now from reading just that you might think me key issue is my healthpool. But as a longterm BL2 player i got badass tokens that boost all my stats by ~70%. Running with Rough Rider gives me around 3’000’000 health. That should be more then enough shouldn’t it?

So here’s my final questions:

  • is there a build that is huge damage coupled with good survivability?
  • is there a build that allows me to easy do OP8 raids?
  • what the hell am i doing wrong???

I saw the forum here is not that active anymore, but you guys are my last hope before i trash the krieg and start playing other games again.

PS: Yes, you could think i am one of those “i wanna pwn” guys.
PPS: Sorry, lots of grammar mistakes right there
PPPS: Not crying about krieg, i’m crying about my incompetence playing this toon right.

This is a perfectly reasonable thread with a great series of questions.

You genuinely have nothing to apologize for.

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Thanks Giuvito.
I have to say i do not like to be an activ person on forums. To much bad experience of flame wars on games like Lineage 2 or WoW. That made me sort of hesitating when asking for help on forums :wink:

That build is extremely survivable and has great damage. Generally speaking, hellborn builds have better survivability since they don’t have to worry about RtB chaining. Elemental Empathy (and a Moxxi weapon if you’re feeling it) will keep you alive very well.

Also, hate to be the stick in the mud but…[quote=“funkal, post:1, topic:1430829”]
I’m not sure if i use the right quasar tho, currently using the acid one. I have an explosive and a electro one as well in my backpocket. (I didnt even know other elementals exist on quasar, got these two of another player)

The corrosive and explosive quasars are modded. They only come in shock.

I would also suggest a bloodlust/maina build since Bloodsplsion can instant kill some raid with the right setup and enough Luck. I’m talking Pete,vorac,dragons,terra, and hyperious. It also let’s you use melee/guns/explosive, but does rely on either RtB or a thrill of the kill to heal.


The staff of Gearbox really do stress that this place be a polite and happy environment.

Also, as @boombumr stated, those two items are modded. Please remove that part of your post, as it does unfortunately go against forum rules.

Again, I’m certain you didn’t know it violated the policy, so do not worry about any repercussion, just please don’t do so in the future.

@Giuvito argh… sorry… ok removed that part!

@boombumr thanks for that build. I was looking at it before and i have to admit i was somewhat hesitating mainly cause i love explosions so much and (without any offence) the hellfire looked somewhat Flame of the Firehawk heavy. I read many opinions saying that shield combo is kinda over (none actually mentioned why). I will definitly test it now that you mention it specificaly to me. Just gotta get hold of those slow hands he is using in the video. Which might take some time.

@Piemanlee I don’t mind using RtB for healing purposes, i strongly prefer TotK tho. Is this maybe my issue? Not enough fast kills to keep me up? Is there a specific build you would suggest? Or something you could point at that i’m doing wrong? I would reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally love to stay explosive if it is manageable.

What builds are you guys using?

I’m impressed on how fast i get answers here!!

Well I have this with RtB and one point in totk. Almost any gear will work and I’ve used it on op8 without much trouble even soloed a few raids with it.

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There’s also this build. I haven’t looked into it much but it’s proabley close to mine (this build came first tho)

Thanks @Piemanlee! Will try that one!

To give you guys an idea on what i’m more or less using at the moment:

Found your problem. You need more healing, either with elemental empathy or RtB or both. Krieg doesn’t need moxxi weapons if you sox those skills.

would that be something like this then:

Process would be something like:

  1. Magic Missle
  2. melee down a trash mob
    3a. if it’s about to kill me -> RTB spam exploding axes (what kind of damage is the axes it self?)
    3b. if i’m still fine on health, go crazy with kerblaster
  3. lean back and see blood all over
  4. repeat


  • kerblaster
  • slagga
  • some explosive roketlauncher
  • florentine (for those refusing to battle on ground)


  • RR


  • something with +6 strip the flesh


  • Magic Missle


  • still didn’t get an explosive relic but hope’s there

Napalm Krieg build if you want to mob and tank.
Hellborn/Mania player here.

Oh wow. I just tried yours @xmngr as it is the one most diffrent to what i am used to. It’s really nice! Mobs are just melting away lol even fire resistent mobs seem not get to have a big chance.

Fun side story: i didn’t have the hellfire and the leg torch com. Went frostburn canyon. As i approached the area of scorch he was standing there next to a tubby spider. Killed both, hellfire and com both dropped first try (diffrent prefix on the hellfire tho). Did Gearbox just read my post and enhanced my luck?? :stuck_out_tongue: Was farming op8 explosive fastball for 2 days…

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Ok wow RNGesus is with you.