2019 Game Of The Year Enhanced Edition Head Styles

So, the new Enhanced Edition has been out since April, and I STILL have seen very little in the way of discussion of one of the biggest Quality Of Life improvements: We now have Head Customizations like in the other games! :sunglasses:

But since Gearbox and 2K have said very little about this feature, and since I’m not seeing any discussion of this topic to speak of here on the Forums, my # 1 question hasn’t been answered yet: Are we limited to only the initial Heads that you’re offered the first time you take a new character to a New You Station? Or are there others that are obtained through gameplay? :thinking:

I think it’s limited to just the ones you start with.

It’s been a few months since release and you’d think we would’ve seen a head drop by now if they existed.

Bummer. I was hoping they truly made it like the other games. It’s still an improvement over having NO Head Styles, but I got spoiled by all the options Borderlands 2 gave us! :man_facepalming: