2020 BL3 Twelve Polls of X-Mas

Happy Holidays, all,

I thought it would be fun to put together a set of polls covering many of the general topics I have read through these past few months for those who are still haunting the forums. I tried to keep topic headings and choices as objective as possible, but there is always a bit of bias when you are constructing a poll. So I make no claims to be completely comprehensive in each poll’s coverage. Feel free to answer as many as you like.

Poll #1 - for clarification, please note that “scavenge” here means scrap existing gear for parts, FYI.

Adding a Build/Modify Your Own Gear Mechanic (Choose One)
  • I would love to be able to build and modify my own gear from parts I can scavenge or pick up
  • I would love to be able to modify my own gear from parts I can scavenge or pick up
  • I am neutral on the idea
  • I am OK with building or modifying, but only from scrapping existing gear, not parts from world drops
  • I am not in favor of either building or modifying my own gear

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Poll #2

Reduction of Anointment Modifiers (Choose One)
  • I am fine with how things are now
  • I would like to see anointment buffs on damage reduced or eliminated, but leave the rest unchanged
  • I would like to see the anointment modifiers reduced to those commensurate with TPS Luneshine buffs

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Poll #3

Status of Anointments (Choose One)
  • Get rid of anointments completely
  • Consolidate and/or get rid of useless anointments and leave the rest unchanged
  • Assign anointments to trinkets and let me attach them to gear of my choice.

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Poll #4

Status of Mayhem Modifiers (Choose One)
  • I think the Mayhem Modifiers are fine just the way they are
  • I want to have the ability to choose my own modifiers at all levels of Mayhem, not just the highest (i.e. level 10/11)

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Poll #5

Mayhem Level Gear (Choose One)
  • I think that gear should scale with Mayhem Levels
  • I think that gear should not scale with Mayhem Levels and instead design the Mayhem Modifiers to provide the necessary balancing to allow my build and loadout the ability to defeat tougher enemies in fun and interesting/whacky ways

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Poll #6

Gear Locked Behind Mayhem Levels (Choose One)
  • I am fine with gear being locked behind Mayhem levels as is
  • I am OK with certain gear being locked behind Mayhem levels as long as the gear itself is not scaling. All gear should have the same viability regardless of Mayhem level
  • I am not OK with gear being locked behind Mayhem levels for any reason

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Poll #7

Equipment Drop Rates – Legendary Gear (Choose One)
  • Reduce Drop Rates for Legendary gear
  • Don’t make any changes

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Poll #8

Equipment Rarities – Pearlescents (Choose One)
  • Add Pearlescents
  • Convert higher-tier Legendaries to Pearlescents
  • Convert higher-tier Legendaries to Pearlescents and add more Pearlescents
  • Don’t introduce Pearlescents at all

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Poll #9

Future Endgame Content Requests (Choose all that apply)
  • More Circles of Slaughter
  • More Takedowns
  • More Trials
  • More Side Missions on existing maps
  • More Seasonal Events
  • Allow Seasonal Events to be played all year round
  • Add Raid Bosses (with or without eridium payments)
  • Add Radiant/Repeatable Quests/Missions
  • Add Head Hunter Packs
  • Add UVHM level
  • Add a new Digistruct Peak Gauntlet (or other, similar, progressive gauntlets)
  • Expand Arms Race into a full-blown game show with multiple modes

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Poll #10

Future DLC Content Requests (Choose all that apply)
  • More Endgame Content (see above)
  • More Narrative/Campaign Content - New planet(s)
  • More Narrative/Campaign Content – Something to tie into the end of TPS cut scene with Athena and the Watcher
  • More Narrative/Campaign Content - Bunkers and Badasses 2
  • More Narrative/Campaign Content – Return to Elpis
  • Add new side areas on existing worlds with mini-campaigns/side quests (Like BL2 Caustic Caverns) – this would include (and probably start with) Athenas
  • More Vault Hunters
  • More Action Skills
  • More Skill Trees
  • Increase Level Cap

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Poll #11

Favorite BL3 Vault Hunter
  • Amara
  • Fl4k
  • Moze
  • Zane

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Poll #12

Favorite BL3 Playable Planet
  • Athenas
  • Eden-6
  • Gehenna
  • Heck (Halloween Event)
  • Joey’s Planet (Cartel Event)
  • Krieg’s Mind
  • Minos Prime (Guardian Takedown)
  • Nekrotafeyo
  • Pandora
  • Promethea
  • Unknown Planet (Maliwan Takedown)
  • Xylourgos

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On anointments I’m more of a “shift anointments from pure damage increase to more skill/handling stuff” kinda guy (allong with improved mayhem scaling)

And not a planet, but the jackpot is the best “planet” for me haha (not on the list)


I’d just like to further elaborate on some choices I made in the polls.

Poll#1: Being able to scrap gear into parts would give some purpose to lower tier gear. I don’t like the idea of just leaving loot on the ground in loot based games. For me personally it’s unintuitive and only something I’ve been conditioned to do in Borderlands games.

Poll#6: I don’t think gear should be locked behind higher levels, but I’m ok with certain gear having a higher chance to drop on higher levels. The key should be to encourage players to play on harder difficulties, not force them.

Poll#7: Personally I think the real issue is end game is too easy, making the increased drop rates feel too abundant. Seeing a bunch of legendaries drop from a boss on Mayhem 10 would make more sense if it actually took time and effort to kill them, rather than being able to kill them in seconds, if not one shot them.

Poll#8: If we’re gonna make pearls better than legendaries, I wouldn’t like that idea without also having the ability to upgrade legendaries and non-uniques, so instead of feeling forced to farm for the new stuff, I can grind resources to make my favorite gear be on par with the higher rarity gear.

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Stuff I want

A. Lessen the amount of annointments
B. Make the bonus’ slight so as not to have to rely on combining annointments to shield annointments to elemental types to skill trees OR be attributed to weapon trinkets so I don’t need to farm 20 lightshows until I get one that I’ll actually use.
C. Mayhem 12 with no annointments, no modifiers. Barebones, skill trees and gear. That’s my mercenary day wish.
D. Director’s cut, change the campaign. Retcon it. Story is a slog because of dialogue locks. BL2 you could speed run.
E. Ability to start a new vault hunter after you beat the game on any mayhem level. I want to start a new character and jump straight into mayhem 11.


Some comments:

Poll 3 (State of anointments): I’d be happy with any of these choices were they implemented tbh. Almost anything would be better than what we have currently.

Poll 5 (Mayhem Level Gear): The way gear currently scales is fairly linear and not particularly powerful (if it was, purple gear wouldn’t be in the state it’s in now). The scaling on skills varies wildly and is a large reason why building for endgame feels unsatisfying–knowing what gets, like, 1000% more damage because of scaling shenanigans is more important than a deep, thorough understanding of a VH’s skills and their interactions with gear.

The current balancing approach of pulling legendaries out of a hat and slapping them with a buff between 25% - 300% is also pretty weird, as is creating new gear that’s like 800% better than any other gun its class, but neither of those things are related to Mayhem gear scaling.

I am neutral on legendary drop rates tbh.

I feel like Takedowns as a format make Head Hunter packs redundant, though Head Hunter packs were generally less intense. Same thing with Mayhem levels making multiple playthroughs redundant–there’s no real “purpose” to TVHM at the moment, so I don’t know what UVHM would bring to the table.

Cr@p! I knew I forgot something. And it is too late for me to add it (I already tried). Oh well…


I would like an anointment where we can break down an item and put the element/anointment onto another weapon (so long as that weapon can use that element/anointment). We could do the same with the named stats (e.g. “Brimming”, “Bouncy”, “Mirv”, etc.) on shields/grenades. I would also make this coat eridium so it is a) not too easy to make your ideal gun/shield/grenade, and b) eridium has an extra use.

I would also be happy to spend eridium to level up gear. Farming a whole new bank 5 times in 7 months was not a good experience.


I like this one!

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Haha don’t sweat it :wink: those things happen

For the, “future content requests” poll: yes. I don’t even care for raid bosses, but I want them in the game because someone else will. I probably have a different priority for what I would ask Gearbox to produce, but if it’s all on the table, I’m always down for more content.

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Other than Amara perhaps getting a Radiation AS element, no more skill trees we have a fair few dead skills as it is, no point adding more.

I see another oversite I made, this time in Poll #3. I should have added an option for leaving things as they are. My brain must have been so fixated on all the complaints around the types of anointments that it never occurred to me that anyone would not want changes. My apologies to anyone who believes that the various types of anointments should be left as is (along with the current system of permanent attachment to gear).

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I don’t particularly care for Circles of Slaughter, but I included them in the poll because I know that some people really like them, plus they are somewhat expected in terms of a Borderlands game. I do not mind one way or the other if they are in the game, and will play them on occasion (have not yet done so for BL3, but it is on my todo list).

On poll #1, I don’t think there’s too much difference, functionally, between scrapping gear and finding scrap from drops too. If raw scrap can drop too, all it does is save some trips to the grinder and inventory hassle. (Oh, and there still isn’t any “sell all non-favorites” button at vendors, which would be a great help for the three categories of loot we’d find: keepers, sell fodder, scrap fodder.)

I was surprised at the number of votes for pearlescents. Not sure what they’d do that legendaries tied to x rare enemy couldn’t. It’s just a label, been that way in BL2 as well.

Digistruct peak was interesting, but personally, I’d be interested in something similar but also different: an endless dungeon type scenario, where the further down you get, the harder it gets (with better loot, maybe some bespoke unlockable stuff for the first handful of levels).
As for Arms Race, all I’d say is just “expand Arms Race”. There’s numerous suggestions on how (but sure, game show with alternate modes and stuff, let’s go with that).

Also shoutout to the music guys, my vote for Gehenna was halfway based on just the soundtrack.


I made the distinction for those who did not want to clutter up the loot pool with gear scrap. That way, you could still scavenge/scrap a piece of gear you pick up and otherwise have no use for without impacting the actual loot drops that you are getting - i.e. some people might prefer a chance to get good gear that they can always scrap later rather than actual scrap that they can’t immediately use in combat.

As for pearlescents, there are other threads where I saw various opinions regarding preferences, so I knew that there was enough of a demand to include a poll. For me, it is carrying forward franchise traditions and continuity, helping to flesh out the overall Borderlands milieu and giving us something else to farm for (as farming itself is an endgame activity). If you want to talk about making pearlescent gear more viable (since there is some contention about BL2’s pearlescent item values versus legendaries), then that is another matter (and a different poll).

I like the idea of an endless “dungeon” and not sure how they could implement it mechanically in the Borderlands game engine. But I agree that digistruct technology would be the most likely excuse as to how one got created in terms of Role Play. That or something to do with extra-dimensional travel (ala Maurice’s alternate reality).

The game show idea for Arms Race was mine from another thread and since I made the poll I figured I could get away with shamelessly plugging the idea. Thanks for giving me an excuse to include a link here. :wink:

Oh no doubt, I was just surprised at the poll results, is all.

Well, if loading screens are allowed, then it’d basically be the same as what we do now with savequitting, but it puts us to the next area. What “the next area” is, is the question. The best would be some procedurally reshuffled level chunks and whatnot, but I’d make do with some existing areas/proving grounds/slaughter rounds in random order, too. Hell, I’m a guy who got dozens of hours of enjoyment from the Cortex Arena, and that was just a single room. Throw in random enemy types, ramping difficulty, and it’s gucci.


That’s what I loved in digistruct peak :innocent:

Every time you increased difficulty it would change and an other area would open up.

They could tie in pearls as rewards :innocent:

But they should focus on fixing the problems they currently have before adding more layers to the game

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When Cartel came out, I had expected there to be three completely different maps, one for each faction, with either a central map or room/whatever where you finally met the Cartel boss. Instead they gave us one map with three different factions occupying it, depending.

Maybe if they found a way to create/use a set number of maps but randomize the travel to them as well as randomize the enemies spawned, the bosses and mini-bosses and their locations, that could suffice or at least be a good first start.

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I had been agreeing with this sentiment all year. But recently I got to thinking that at this stage maybe there is something to waiting until all remaining content is released before making final fixes. Otherwise they run the risk of messing things up again when they release the new stuff. Again, I only say this based on where we are now, not as an excuse for past choices.

True that😅

They proved time and time again they need us to play their new content and bug test it :rofl: