2020 New PC and New Borderland III -- PC shuts down after 5 minutes of gaming


i am not sure if this was reported lately but my totally new PC shuts down an ist making a restart after like 5 minutes of playing the new installed game.
It there a hidden config i am missing?

Thankx for the help,

I’m no PC expert, but I have seen a lot of posts about DX12.

What are some specs on your PC and what resolution are you trying to run?

Are you playing in the zone Devil’s Razor by chance? If so turn off DX12 until you never need to go back to that zone.

If its other zones I can’t help you.

My standard recommendation:

Test your pc using Prime95 + Furmark at the same time for 1h. Check the temps, check OC, downclock if necessary. If this combination crashes - you have unstable PC.

Just for attention: DX12 on RTX2070S working without problems, even on super old CPU:

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